What is contactless delivery & is it important for your business?

April 21, 2022

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CONTACTLESS DELIVERY for a business is the process of Implementing safety and digital norms which ensures or minimizes risks of exposure to covid or any other types of hazardous viruses when your customer’s order is being delivered to doorsteps.

Contactless delivery, as a service, demonstrates that you as a business are concerned for your consumer’s safety and that thought will help in increasing brand loyalty.

How does contactless delivery work?

Contactless delivery eliminates the handoff, sign-off, exchange of goods or any other form of physical contact between the deliverer and recipient. Contactless delivery is still relatively new, and industry standards for safety requirements are still being formulated.

Each company’s no-contact delivery will be slightly different, but the fundamental remains the same.

How much does it costs to develop Contactless Delivery App?

UberEats has added a “leave at the door” delivery option to its menu. This means that when you arrive, you’ll need to place the delivery on the doorstep, knock on the door, and then stand back and wait for the client to pick up the package.

For inspiration on how to do both, check out Domino’s Pizza. Their app now features a contactless delivery option (with orders dropped off on a pizza pedestal to ensure a clean surface) as well as prepayment and pre-tipping options to keep transactions safe and efficient.

How does contactless delivery software boost sales?

Here are some statistics to back this up

  • 68% of U.S. consumers say they have used contactless delivery during a pandemic

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How do companies effectively deploy contactless delivery norms?


Contactless order fulfilment

  • Contactless Pick-Ups at the warehouse
  • Auto-dispatch, all updates on the app for delivery boys and workforce in the warehouse

Digitalization of all paper touchpoints

  • Electronic Prepaid coupons
  • Electronic Delivery Notes and Bills
  • Use of digital Proof of Delivery solutions, such as a photo of the order put at the stated location after delivery.

Accepting payments digitally and avoiding cash

  • Wallet Payments
  • Prepaid payments
  • Barcode-based order payments at the time of delivery
  • Payments via payment link sent via SMS

Better Communication between the customer and the delivery person

  • Electronic Delivery instructions by customers to the delivery person
  • Keep clients informed about the status of their orders by using visibility and real-time tracking tools.

Online chat options between a delivery person and a customer

  • Sanitization of the delivery vehicle
  • Delivery person earring gloves and kit & Mask


Immediate Benefits of Contactless Deliveries

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Ensures the Safety of Delivery Executives

Without their efficient and dedicated field executives, delivery companies would be nothing. When individuals all across the world were advised to stay home to prevent getting the virus, delivery executives, physicians, police officers, and other frontline employees had to go out every day to ensure the safety of a much bigger population.

Driving Digital Payments

Customers developed the practice of paying for orders through digital gateways as a result of the demand for contactless deliveries. Businesses should confidently expect that cash on delivery will not be a “preferred” payment option now that a vast number of consumers, regardless of age, have become accustomed to the ease and security of digital payments.

Industry Sustainability

The COVID-19 epidemic educated companies all across the world on why it’s critical to invest in supply chain resilience strategies and technology. Despite the fact that effective vaccinations are being delivered, there is still a long way to go until the worldwide society is immune to the virus. As a result, firms that fail to provide quick contactless deliveries may find themselves in hot water due to high customer attrition and a bad delivery experience. For a long time, such a distribution approach will be critical in generating income through brand loyalty.

Increasing Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Rate

Providing a contactless delivery option to clients sends a subtle message. A message that expresses your concern for your clients. It creates a brand-customer connection that extends beyond cash backs, discounts, seasonal specials, and Black Friday deals. It persuades clients that your company is prepared to go above and beyond to make them happy. This has a tremendous impact on brand loyalty.

Industries that can be benefitted from Contactless Delivery Software

How does Trakop help enterprises execute contactless delivery?

For the delivery businesses, last-mile delivery is the most important step and we all know why. To make sure the last important step of your business goes well with keeping all safety norms in mind, a delivery management system comes into the role. Optimize this step with digital solutions:

  • Last-mile logistics planning
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)
  • Live order tracking and fleet monitoring

Ways to streamline your delivery business…read more

Are you ready for it?

Contactless delivery is clearly in demand, and it’s on the rise. Fortunately, the necessary technology is easily accessible to accommodate this need.

All of the above methods for streamlining contactless delivery should be incorporated into your delivery management system. We’re here to help if something is missing.

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