Our Story

Improving Delivery Tracking & Management

Trakop is an online delivery management software based on a SaaS model that enables several entrepreneurs to reach Direct to Consumer in the most convenient, and flexible way. We have the best development team of 50+ professionals that are serving our modern tech-savvy clients by bidding on the challenges on their bespoke requirements.

With the advanced technology, we want to make sure to not leave any stone unturned making it easier to track every single component of the supply chain & delivery business. We are on the track for a sustainable, efficient, & profitable digital future.

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Our Journey So Far

So What’s Special About Trakop?

Well, it’s our founding philosophy making us a stronger partner for our clients. With a continuous focus on a systematic, smart approach to automate the management of delivery operation to every extent.

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Team Size

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    In Development Phase

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    Launched Our First Model

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    Got Our First Client

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    On-boarded Our First 50 Clients

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    Marked Century with 100 Clients

Our Mission

We want to make it easy for delivery businesses to manage and scale their deliveries.

Redefining ways to track deliveries. From just an idea, we have come a long way to achieve success in helping more than 100 clients across the globe. Our mission is to digitalize the future for on-demand businesses. We believe in scaling & growing together that is what our product signifies.

Our Focus

  • Sustainable Future with Delivery Management System
  • Reduce Carbon Footprints with Route Optimization
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Meet our Founder and CEO

Ravi Garg

Ravi is the CEO of Trakop and serves on MSS Board of Directors. Under his leadership, Trakop has been focused on developing products and services, powered by the latest advances in AI, that offer help in moments big and small.

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