Key Features of Water Delivery Software

May 21, 2020

Key Features of Water Delivery Software - Trakop

Technology has changed the whole world- the way people work or get services. In this era of technology, everyone is obsessed with mobile phones. From booking a taxi to getting various services at their home everything can be done with a few clicks with online apps. This is the reason, experts are using various technologies to build mobile applications such as online water delivery services.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the key features of water delivery software. These online solutions for water businesses are expanding their reach by offering online delivery services of bottled water. Customers, as well as water bottle distributors, prefer to use these services online.

Hence, it is necessary to develop an online water delivery app as a solution for your customers and to represent all kinds of services online. Besides, the rise in demand for water delivery software has given the opportunity to many startups and established business owners to mark their presence in the market and get more customers in less time.

Therefore, if you want to bang in the water distribution market, you must integrate your business digitally. It is only possible if your online solution has the necessary features. Excited to know! Let’s explore them.

The Customer Panel Of Water Delivery Software

  • Sign-up/login– It is considered one of the most important features that enable customers to enter valid details to get water delivery services online. It may include a social media account or a smartphone number.
  • The Option of Choosing a Specific Water Bottle – There are a lot of different sizes of water bottles that are delivered by the service providers to cover the maximum number of customers. The different water-bottle sizes enable the customers to choose as per their needs. The service providers can mention the price details of each bottle.
  • Order Delivery Request – Users can request for delivering water online by choosing a certain bottle size with this feature.
  • Enter the Address – Customers can select the location by mentioning their address to get the delivery of bottled water.
  • Online Payment Options – To get home delivery water, customers can make payments through the online payment mode that may include- credit/debit cards, different mobile payment gateways, etc.

Delivery Expert Panel of Water Delivery Software

  • Sign up – Similar to that of the customer panel, this is for a delivery expert that allows the experts to mention required information such as name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Push Notification – This enables them to know the requests coming from the customers to get the water delivery services. They can accept or reject the requests.
  • Add Availability – This feature allows them to mark the status of the availability or unavailability option.
  • View Order History – This feature enables them to know the total number of order requests of a customer online.
  • Request Payment from Admin – It allows them to know the status of the customer’s payment to whom they are going to deliver water bottles.

Admin Panel Of Water Delivery Software

  • Manage all the Users– Either it is a customer or a delivery expert, the service provider has the authority to review the details of all the users. They can track them all and keep an eye on all of them easily.
  • Dashboard – This screen shows all the active users, completing the tasks, pending requests, reviews, number of sales and purchases, etc. It is a kind of monitoring screen that enables the admin to view everything on the phone.
  • Manage User Payment – This feature allows the admin to know all kinds of payment details about the customers and service providers. In case of any discrepancy, everything can be managed and taken care of.
  • Manage Reviews and Feedback – The feedback and reviews are reviewed & managed by the service providers.

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Boost your water delivery business sales with online water delivery services. With the above-mentioned features, many business owners have automated their offline business to online business. Do you have any queries? Yes! Discuss with our expert team.

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