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Enhance Positive Cash Flow with Milk Management Software

Send link-based auto-generated invoiced and pending payment reminders to the customer with the milk management system. Offer flexible payment options to your customers with milk delivery software to make payments anytime and from anywhere.

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ravi garg, trakop, milk management, dairy management, dairy delivery management software

Optimise Extra Operational Costs Using Milk Management Software

Create a powerful system with our milk delivery app development team to increase the efficiency of the milk business and cuts off the extra operational costs. Automate your business and remove the additional cost of hiring manpower for manual work. Optimise the delivery route to reduce fuel costs with an auto-route optimisation feature. .

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Business Dashboard

A unique floor that enables the service providers to manage the milk business from a single platform.

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    Enable to manage the orders and all the users such as- customers and drivers.

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    Customer Management

    allows them to organize the customers that may cover managing their profile, previous records of the milk management orders, etc.

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    Route Management

    enables the owners to organize and analyze the delivery routes for the delivery man.

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    Analytical Reports

    This management system allows the owner to have a complete database of the sales, orders, earnings details, profits and helps in making new strategies for your business.

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    Order Management

    allows them to organize orders of each day for every customer.

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Consumer Mobile Application

User-friendly and flexible customer interface for your consumers with milk delivery software to place, modify and manage their orders.

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    After signing up with the valid email ids, mobile number, a customer can avail of the services.

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    Decide the Milk Quantity

    It enables them to choose the quantity and type of the milk listed in the service list.

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    Stop or Resume the Online Milk Delivery

    It allows them to stop or resume the delivery of the enlist product.

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    Online Payment Options

    It enables the customers to pay for the ordered product in multiple online options that may include- credit cards, debit cards, or in cash.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

Comprehensive platform for drivers with a advanced set of features that gives complete regarding their work.

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    With the authentic details such as email id, social media account, a mobile number they can create this profile.

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    Full List of All Deliveries

    This feature enables the drivers to get a complete list of all the deliveries ordered by the customers.

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    Receiving A Container or Not

    This feature allows drivers to mark an option about receiving a milk container.

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