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Executive TeamExecutive Team

Great minds behind this successful product

  • ravi garg, trakop, sunil garg, md, mentor
    Sunil Garg


    Who leads by using the change approach spend much of their time motivating employees through speeches and meetings.

  • ravi garg, trakop, ceo
    Ravi Garg


    Do more with less, and is always upgraded to new technology. Being a CEO is great, but being a role model is the toughest job in the world!

Technical TeamTechnical Team

We Did the Hard Part, So You Don't Have To

  • gurbrinder
    Gurbrinder Singh
  • jaskaran-singh
    Jaskaran Flora
  • divya
    Divya Thakur
  • abhishek
    Abhishek Singhal
  • abhinav
    Abhinav Bansal
  • harjeet
    Harjeet Singh

Creative TeamCreative Team

Thinkers, Makers, Explorers - who make designs alive

  • Aniket
    Aniket Singh
  • monika
    Monika Sharma

Sales & Marketing TeamSales & Marketing Team

People that make the magic happen

  • neeraj
    Neeraj Bisht
  • manish
    Manish Verma
  • dikshant
    Dikshant Sharma
  • tejal
    Tejal Rawat
  • happy
    Happy Verma

Customer Success & Quality TeamCustomer Success & Quality Team

Pillar of Support

  • jyoti
    Jyoti Tripathi
  • dolly
    Dolly Kailey
  • aashima
    Ashima Thakur
  • lakhan

Devops TeamDevops Team

Securing the network

  • harmohan
    Harmohan Singh

Business AnalystBusiness Analyst

Agent of Change

  • sophia
    Tavishi Manohar