Key Features of Our
Delivery Management System

Admin has the power to manage customers, drivers, inventories. They can add or remove the services as well as the users.

  • Fleet Management

    Fleet Management

    Allows the admin to communicate with the drivers and track the vehicles at any time accessed from any place.

  • Logistics


    Enables the owners to allocate tasks, schedule the deliveries & dispatch the orders according to the availability.

  • Route Map planning

    Route Map planning

    Optimize the best route to ensure the on-time dispatch of the orders to the destinations.

  • Subscription


    An amazing feature for your consumers that order recurring on a daily or weekly, monthly basis.

  • Workforce Management

    Workforce Management

    Examine data and records to enhance the execution of dispatching orders with limited resources to boost profits.

  • geo


    To check and enhance the efficiency, a kind of notification is sent whenever a dispatcher vehicle passes through geofence.

  • delivery

    Delivery Verification

    Enable the drivers to register themselves with the help of a social media account to further get access to the software.

  • driver

    Driver Dashboard

    Enables them to get an idea about the orders of a certain product as mentioned by the customers with assigned paths.

  • route

    Route Optimization

    Drivers can easily get the SMS from the store owners or regular customers.

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Best Comprehensive Online Management Solution For Delivery Business

View and analyze all the key business metrics from the admin dashboard. The user-friendly tool helps in optimizing the whole business, from keeping an eye on inventory to view the real-time performance of stores, deciding the price of the product and offers.

Best Comprehensive Online Management Solution For Delivery Business

Delivery Management Software For Every Business

Our software enables entrepreneurs to represent their business or services online with a smart & simple user interface, helps in reducing the operational cost and helps them to churn out maximum revenue.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

To manage a dairy is not everybody’s cup of tea. You need to spend a lot. All thank this dairy farm management system who helped me incredibly.

Ammar Hatim


I recommend all of those who are into the dairy business to go for this software. It will help you in the best way.



What I like about this software is its features and the team is too experienced and guided you well.


United Kingdom

Trakop is the best subscription management system for the milk business that I have ever used. The deliveries have risen by almost 25% in the past few times. Awesome online system.



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