Driver App – An Asset to Efficient Deliveries

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Delivery drivers can either be a valuable asset or a major headache for your delivery company. A professional, courteous driver may give a touch of outstanding personal service to each customer interaction as the face of your business to your consumer. Even though the meal is great, if they aren’t prompt and orderly, they might destroy the experience for your customer.

Fortunately, modern technologies can assist your delivery drivers in providing excellent service in addition to excellent food. There are delivery and online ordering apps, and now delivery management apps can be just as mobile.

ravi garg, trakop, delivery business, order history, notifications, reminder, route optimization

Track Order 

From the backend interface, delivery guys can see a list of orders allocated by the store owner/admin. After the delivery boy accepts the order, the assigned orders on the waiting list will be moved to the Active list.

Order History

Delivery executives can use Order History to keep track of all the orders they’ve completed. To get more information on certain orders, delivery boys can look at the list of completed orders in the order history and filter it based on specific date ranges.

Order Notifications

‘Stay informed’ This feature allows both the admin and the delivery boy to receive updates on the order’s status on the site. They are the most effective way for an app user to stay current with information.

Delivery Reminder

This feature sends reminders to drivers and customers in advance to make sure customers and delivery agents are updated at every stage of delivery such as order confirmed, dispatched, order out for delivery, delivery date n time, electronic proof of delivery, etc.

Route Optimization Map Navigation

The driver app is infused with map navigation and optimized routes updated as per the delivery scheduled for the driver. Easy navigation via map to the doorstep delivery saves extra fuel costs and increases efficiency with faster deliveries.

Instant Order Placement

When a customer needs extra add up in the current order, driver app gives an option to edit the current order and update it according to the demands. Run-time order updates save both the customers and merchant time and extra round.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

After the pandemic, customers are preferring contactless delivery and more payment options other than cash. Driver app provides the option to collect payments via multiple payments gateways integrated such as Google pay, Paytm, Razorpay, Credit/Debit card, etc. 

With all these benefits, savvy delivery operators are relying more and more on driver management apps to help deliveries flow smoothly. It not only powers the drivers but helps with business growth as well. Find out more by booking a demo with us.

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