How Much will It Cost to Build a Contactless Delivery App?

April 21, 2022

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During the epidemic, there was a large increase in contactless home deliveries all across the world via the contactless delivery apps.

Convenience was the primary motivator for opting for contactless delivery. People may buy necessities online, order food, and make payments without having to speak to anyone.

Nowadays contactless delivery apps are available in the market in form of a SaaS securing and storing data on a server making it easy to access anytime. Within 7 days, you can get your business contactless with help of Trakop – a delivery management software.

It’s a delivery management app that takes orders from a customer’s smartphone, notifies the admin’s BackOffice, notifies the customer back with acceptance status. The application’s processing speed is its most significant advantage.

But how do you go about creating a contactless delivery system for your company?

There are several factors to consider. You should think about the features, the price, your needs, the sort of contactless delivery software, and a lot more. Increased online demand necessitates the development of novel contactless delivery apps that take these considerations into account.

Advantages of going Contactless in your delivery business

Features of Trakop – A Contactless Delivery Software

ravi garg, trakop, contactless delivery platform, go contactless, contacltess payments, contactless business

For instance, there are several variables to consider when developing an app for contactless home delivery. It entails a more thorough study of the company, payment methods, location, and other factors.

  • Contactless Delivery App Log-in & Sign-up

The registration and login process for users should be simple. Allowing users to register using their phone number and a one-time password (OTP) is the most secure method these days. Users who have created an account may view their order history and place comparable orders.

  • Geolocation Integration

The primary advantage of this function is that it allows you to order things from any location where you give services. Secondary, it is to keep an eye on the delivery valet’s location while the customer waits. That is to say, It’s a crucial feature since it tells the client how long it’ll take for the merchandise to arrive.

  • Membership features

Providing your customers with a membership offer will help you retain the customers. Membership is a terrific approach to building a loyal client base that will bring you more business in the future. It’s a crucial feature for ensuring that consumers spend the maximum time with your software.

  • Secure Payment Platform Integration

To make contactless payments, you can integrate secure payment gateways to provide your customers. You may also include a Cash-on-Delivery option, which allows buyers to pay when the orders are delivered. It establishes trust and offers a fantastic customer experience.

  •  Offers and Discounts

Many contactless delivery systems now provide discounts and special offers to clients in order to increase their market share. They’re a terrific method to boost sales and get more people to test out your services. It leads to the development of a loyal client base.

The Contactless Delivery App sector can only increase in importance after the COVID era. Hence, it would be crucial in boosting people’s access to simplicity, convenience, and affordability.  It enables rapid scaling which would allow for user base expansion without losing efficiency.

If you’re interested in launching a contactless delivery app, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. W can help you reach a larger audience by improving the security, scalability, and usefulness of the delivery app.

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