Top Benefits of Contactless Delivery for Your Delivery Business

April 21, 2022

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Contactless delivery is the “new normal” after what the whole world has gone through for the past 2 years. Not only businesses are thinking of this way of delivery but the customers have risen their demands for secure and safe deliveries at their doorstep.

So, the question arises here – is this feasible?

What is contactless delivery and is it important?

How viable is it to pursue?

Is it for every business?

How will it impact the delivery businesses?

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There is not one but multiple benefits of contactless delivery to Businesses:

Increase in sales and customer base:

Taking this step of safe delivery mode, businesses can acquire and onboard new customers at an increasing rate by promoting contactless practices resulting in an increase in sales and revenue. This is what customers are looking for these days.

Get references from satisfied customers:

Going contactless means going digital. Having complete business tracked online gives the businesses a chance to promote themselves with an online presence. With the smart move of contactless delivery, you can grow by asking your existing customers for references, you can also provide a “Refer & Earn” scheme to lure more customers.

Saves paper cost:

No paper invoices are required or printed delivery notes while delivering to the customer’s doorstep. Going contactless is easy with online delivery management software, providing electronic proof of delivery and multiple online payment options to enhance customer experience.

Drivers feel safe and become more efficient

It is not only safe for the customers but for your drivers as well. Drivers will not come in contact and will be happier to deliver at the doorstep. It will also help drivers to deliver faster and improve efficiency.

Delivery process becomes faster hence the increase in orders

Going contactless delivery can now deliver more orders with the single delivery person can be delivered now in less time

Improves customers satisfaction rate (CSR)

Going with contactless delivery, your customers will be happier. There will be bothering of customers and even drivers will not have to wait for the customers and waste time. Leaving the order at the doorstep with online payment options will increase customer satisfaction rate and driver’s efficiency.

Reduces customer churn rate (CR)

When customers are satisfied with your style of delivery, it will automatically reduce the chances of customers stopping buying from you. The customers will return to you for a satisfying and safe delivery.

Elevates your “Net Promoter score” for business (NPS)

Happy customers mean higher customer experience & business growth, This will elevate your Net Promoter Score taking your business to your next level.

Top Benefits of Contactless Delivery to Customers

Not only did delivery businesses are benefited from a contactless delivery system, but the customers find it trustworthy. Below are a few benefits for customers:

  • Customers feel safe while transacting with the business
  • Trust the brand more with safe delivery options
  • Refer to other friends and earn credit advantage
  • Can pay online with multiple payment gateways
  • Can accept deliveries even when not available personally
  • Can raise issue tickets for any deliveries digitally
  • Can communicate with a delivery person from anywhere using mobile application solutions

How contactless delivery impacts customer’s trust over your Brand?

Top Benefits of Contactless Delivery to Delivery Person

It is not only the customers and the delivery business that are benefitted from the smart mode of delivery – contactless delivery. The main component f this mode is the Delivery driver – if they are safe, the complete delivery process is efficient. Below are the benefits to drivers:

  • Remains safe from a covid-like situation with no contact with customers
  • Able to speed up deliveries, hence increase efficiency & can earn more with more delivery rounds
  • No need to wait for the customer to make a payment or manual proof of delivery
  • Can increase business growth rate by 40% with digital delivery

Wrapping up:

There are multiple benefits of going contactless in your business – not only to your customers but to your business as well. In today’s world, everything is automated and if you lack in here – you will lack in the future. The future is contactless, and you have a chance to scale the business with smart contactless delivery software providing a solution for going digital.

Let’s find out how it will work…

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