How does Contactless Delivery work?

April 21, 2022

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Do you have the idea of launching contactless but are stuck with how?

You are not able to find the approach from where to start. The first step will be choosing the right contactless delivery management software that will help you launch your business online and automate the complete delivery process.

What is contactless delivery & is it important for your business

With this software, you will be able to track complete order management, auto-dispatching, online payment, and electronic proof of delivery – a wholesome contactless business.

How would you make sure of a contactless delivery?

The right delivery management system will provide you with a driver app. Make sure the delivery boy uses the digital platform for deliveries where customers can see all transactions without getting in physical contact with the driver. Using the driver app – delivery boys will be able to edit and update orders with proof of delivery and can collect online payments without any contact with customers.

Is contactless delivery important for your delivery business?

  • The driver should be able to deliver without getting any customer signatures or stamps with the help of electronic proof delivery such as
    • One-time password sent to the customer for a delivery status update
    • Barcode scanning to mark the order delivered, no need of contact customers
  • No cash payments, 100% move to digital payments with online payment gateways
    • Accept online payments via barcode scanning, or any payment gateway like Razorpay, PayTm, GooglePay, etc. making contactless delivery possible and comfortable for both customers & delivery boys
    • Customers can give instructions to drivers via the customer app to leave the parcel or delivery to the doorstep leaving no chance of contact
    • Customers should be able to do advance payments via a wallet or pay later options without getting in physical contact with the driver
  • Safe & sanitized delivery vehicle and containers/kits
    • All material with delivery boys should be sanitized before and after deliveries
    • Orders or kits should be wrapped in disposable paper to be on the safer side
    • Delivery boys should wear masks and hand gloves all the time while on schedule for delivery
  • Orders can be left outside houses
    • The driver should be able to leave orders on the doorsteps of customers and able to digitally notify customers about the delivery
    • Drivers should be able to chat with customers with real-time communication options available on the driver and a customer app
    • Drivers should be able to send proof of delivery to customers via app notifications or emails, messages, etc.
    • Customers should see real-time updates about orders received, dispatched, delivered, etc.

Going contactless will take training for your staff and delivery boys, Also, customers need to be educated about using customer apps and using digital options. It is not going to be smooth at the start but once it is all set up, you will be able to focus on business planning and growth and your complete delivery princess will be automatically working.


Software like Trakop, a smart delivery management system provides complete power to the business administration of their business while shifting from manual business to contactless business. Bering is contactless in today’s world and works like you are many steps ahead of your competitors.

Find out other features that you will get along with while choosing Trakop for your delivery business.

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