Business Dashboard

Have bird-eye view of the complete delivery business

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ravi garg, trakop, features, automated, stock

Automated Stock Management

Manage inventory with future stock report, automatically generated in Admin Panel.

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Mark delivery areas for delivery boys, and track real-time order deliveries.

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Auto-Route Optimization

Smart optimized routes for faster deliveries. Add/Edit routes as per requirements in back office.

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Payments & Invoicing

Swift and timely payment options, smart billing management in Admin panel.

  • Delivery Route Tracking
  • Field Service App
  • Scheduling
  • Auto Dispatch
  • Digital Payments
  • Field Service App
  • Auto-assign drivers
  • Reports and analytics

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Consumer Mobile Application

A digital menu on display - a delight for customers with real-time pickup and delivery information.

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SMS Notification

Real-time updates on order status, payments and delivery promote transparency.

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Track Orders

Delivery agent updates, live tracking and providing ETAs for hassle-free deliveries.

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Contactless Delivery

Easy online payments, electronic proof of delivery and real-time feedback allow contactless deliveries.

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Subscription Management

Place, edit or cancel subscription orders with the white-labelled consumer app.

  • Online Payments
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Refer & Earn
  • Access Order History
  • Invoice and Order Summary

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

Get in touch with delivery agents anytime with real-time tracking and sync with Admin Panel.

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ravi garg, trakop, features, automated, stock

Run-time Order Update

Update or cancel orders on run-time via the delivery app is easy, synced with back-office in real-time.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery

A contactless customer signature, delivery proof photo for the order delivered status update.

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Digital Payments

Multiple payments gateways integration is available for easy and secure contactless payments.

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Daily Operation Clarity

Tasks, assigned orders, update order status with smart delivery boy app.

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Wallet Payments
  • G-Pay, PayTm, Stripe
  • Record Cash Collection
  • Stock Reports
  • Optimized Routes
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Cash Payment Management

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