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May 2, 2022

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The admin panel of delivery management software is the single power source to provide a bird’s-eye view of your business. The admin panel, also known as the smart dispatch dashboard, has revolutionised delivery business operations. The platform offers a centralised platform for managing orders, tracking deliveries, and optimising routes.

You can keep track of the number of orders and delivery performance that need to be shipped with advanced route optimisation and AI-based automatic dispatch.

This blog post explores the benefits of admin panels for delivery businesses and how they work. Understanding the capabilities of admin panels can help you cut costs, increase customer happiness, and maintain an edge over competitors.

What is the admin panel of delivery management software?

Delivery companies use delivery management software’s admin panel to monitor and control their operations. Businesses can assign drivers, track deliveries in real-time, optimise routes, and handle customer interactions. The admin panel usually includes features like order management, driver management, route optimisation, delivery tracking, customer communication, analytics and reporting. This powerful tool that allows delivery companies to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and provide better client service.

Features of the admin panel

Admin panels in delivery management software typically include features to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. The features of the admin panel assist businesses in optimising their operations, lowering costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Here are some features you might expect to find in an admin panel:
  • Order management – The admin panel enables businesses to manage and track orders from start to finish, including order creation, driver assignment, and delivery completion.
  • Payment collection and reconciliation – The payment management option provides your company with a complete billing solution. Trakop has all of the functionality you need to handle your billing online, from organising invoices to sending payment reminders to getting paid online.
  • Route map planning – The admin panel plans the most efficient delivery routes, lowering fuel costs and improving delivery times. An integrated route optimisation software considers time, location, capacity, and traffic to create efficient solutions. It is an effective way to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, allowing businesses to achieve sustainability.
  • Driver tracking: Businesses can track delivery drivers in real-time, giving customers accurate delivery estimates and notifications. The drivers’ full delivery routes are shown on the map throughout the day. The business managers can track driver performance.
  • Inventory management: Some admin panels include inventory management features, which allow businesses to monitor stock levels and manage replenishment. Our inventory management solution automates order fulfilment and reporting while keeping your item data safe.
  • Analytics and reporting: Analytics and reporting features allow businesses to track key metrics such as order volume, revenue, and customer satisfaction. These reports can be analysed to plan future strategies for business growth. The admin will have a full view of where the business is going and what could be the next planning step.

Benefits of admin panel in delivery businesses

The admin panel offers advantages, which include increased productivity, improved customer service, and streamlined operations. It offers several advantages that support companies in streamlining operations, cutting expenses, and raising customer satisfaction.

Here are some key benefits:
  • Centralised management: It is a single point of contact for all order, driver, route, and customer communications management. Businesses can now easily manage their whole delivery operation from one location.
  • Real-time tracking: Businesses can track deliveries in real-time through the admin panel, giving customers precise delivery estimates and notifications. This lessens the possibility of missing or delayed deliveries while also improving transparency.
  • Route optimisation: The route optimisation feature helps businesses to plan the most efficient delivery routes. This increases overall efficiency by lowering fuel costs and speeding up deliveries.
  • Customer communication: Businesses can update customers on order status and delivery schedules via SMS, email, or in-app notifications. This lowers the number of inquiries and raises customer satisfaction.
  • Driver management: Businesses can assign deliveries, manage driver profiles, and monitor driver performance and location in real-time through the admin panel. This guarantees on-time delivery completion and raises accountability.
  • Inventory management: Businesses can monitor stock levels and oversee replenishment with the help of admin panels’ inventory management features. This guarantees that companies stock the appropriate goods to satisfy consumer demand.
  • Analytics and reporting: With the admin panel, companies can monitor important metrics like order volume, revenue, and customer satisfaction. It also offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features. This helps companies find opportunities for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

To sum up, the dispatch dashboard, also known as the admin panel, is a crucial tool for contemporary delivery companies. Admin panels expedite processes, boost productivity, and improve customer service by offering a centralised platform for tracking deliveries, managing orders, and planning routes. Order management, driver management, route optimisation, delivery tracking, customer communication, analytics, and reporting are just a few of the features they provide to help businesses stay competitive. Whether you run a large-scale logistics company or a small local delivery service, investing in an admin panel can revolutionise your delivery business and give you the resources you need to thrive in the fast-paced world of today.

Trakop’s dispatch and routing software allows the business to focus on delivery performance, resulting in faster service and lower costs. Let’s start with booking a demo.

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