How Trakop Can Add Value To Your Business?

May 18, 2022

Trakop – a smart delivery management software developed to redefine the ways delivery business is managed and automated. In the last many years, Trakop has been a part of journeys of many delivery businesses such as Milk delivery, Water delivery, Grocery delivery, etc.

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Customers now have tremendous control over their experiences because of technological advancements. Customers’ expectations are set by companies like Amazon and Uber, who anticipate certain things from every engagement they have with various firms. Brands today risk severe repercussions if they fail to fulfill consumer expectations. Consumers perceive delivery to be a part of their online experience in 86% of cases.

What does Trakop do?

  • Streamlines and automates distribution operations of your delivery business
  • Digitize your delivery business with a website, customer app, driver app, and admin dispatch dashboard to reach directly to your customers
  • One solution for the entire delivery process from the ordering app for customers to the admin dashboard for business owners & driver app for doorstep delivery
  • Analyze and expand your business with a sales report, customer report, stock report, invoices, order summary, etc.

Trakop’s SaaS-based AI-powered delivery management software transforming the businesses in ways:

Our team of professionals assesses the customer’s delivery difficulties and then recommends a customizable solution that will work for them.

  • Reduces conversation time because the information is available at a glance, allowing for quick judgments.
  • Reduces the time it takes to respond to problems and requirements.
  • Allows employees to be more productive by removing the need for workarounds.
  • Removes the need to re-invent solutions to situations that arise unexpectedly.
  • Maintains the organization’s flexibility, nimbleness, and agility, with fewer impediments to adapting to new requirements.
  • Gives the company an advantage over competitors by removing the burden of inefficient processes.

What Value does Trakop add to your business:

  1. Customer onboarding is made easy with Trakop’s customer app. Updated in real-time between the admin dashboard and a customer app
  2. With a smooth ordering and delivery experience, Trakop enhances total Customer experiences
  3. The delivery process is automated from start to end with analytics value and business perspective
  4. Digitized Payment collection & invoicing made leisurely for both businesses and customers
  5. Business analysis & reports are available 24*7 with smart analytics, serviceable for future planning of business
  6. Increase in business scaling & brand value with online presence via website and customer app (direct reach to consumers)
  7. Save extra time with quick deliveries and automated dispatch and ordering processes
  8. With route optimization, save the extra cost and optimize the business sustainably
  9. Reduce manual efforts & chances of human error with digital operations
  10. Businesses can take direct feedback from the end-users and can improve the product services

We provide White label Solutions with AWS server – the world’s no 1 hosting service provider. It is developed by keeping customers in mind. There is a growing societal need for personalization, which will further grow as technology makes it easier for businesses to personalize items for their customers. Your brand will become a well-oiled machine with the help of the template. Product templates are now expected to meet the increased need for variety among consumers.

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Trakop going to save your cost of all software that you don’t need at all. All in one: 

  • Accounting Software and Payment recovery
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Repeat Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Home delivery software
  • Delivery boys tracking software
  • Website/Mobile app

You’re well aware that last-mile success is more than just a matter of speed and tracking. You receive access to a package of services that weave into your entire organization with Trakop’s delivery management system, including Staff Scheduling, Cash Management, Customer Marketplace, and Farm-to-Table Delivery Management.

It’s simple to link your legacy and e-commerce systems to delivery software using our APIs and start delivering right away. Exporting your delivery data to any reporting engine is just as simple.

Hope You Enjoyed the Read!

Ravi Garg Founder & CEO

He loves to explore. His passion for helping delivery industries in all aspects flows through in the vision he has. In addition to providing smart solution to make delivery process flawless, Ravi also likes to write sometimes to make it easier for people from business industry looking for digital solutions.