Best Ways to streamline Contactless Delivery business post-pandemic

April 21, 2022

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It’s been more than a year since we’ve all been dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic and its consequences in our lives. The convenience alternatives all considered, such as contactless delivery or working from home, have already become a fundamental part of our life and are unlikely to go away very soon.

Contactless delivery is the “amenity” that has suddenly become fashionable and necessary. The contactless delivery system ensures that no physical touch occurs between the drivers and the consumers, ensuring that both parties are safe during the transaction.

Streamline your business for Contactless delivery operations

ravi garg, trakop, no-contact delivery, driver app for drivers, record-keeping, reporting, analytics

Add the option of ‘Contactless Delivery’ to your app or website

The first step in implementing contactless delivery is to include it on your website or in your on-demand delivery app. You must ensure that the functionality is readily apparent to the consumer when introducing this feature. Customers should also be informed about this new function through the app or on the website.

Allow customers to track the location of drivers

It would be easier if your customers to know the whereabouts of their orders. Customers may not only track their orders using Trakop, but they can also communicate with the driver directly, follow the vehicle their package is on via email, SMS, and app notifications, and participate in a real-time feedback loop.

Mobile App for Delivery Drivers

Having a mobile app for drivers to navigate to the location, check order details, and cancel or edit run-time order details is useful. Also, let customers know about their delivery on the door and update proof of delivery electronically.

Trakop is one such delivery management software that helps boost your deliveries. The drivers can make use of Trakop and create delivery plans on the app itself.

Enforce driver safety measures

Aside from wearing PPE, drivers should have enough hand sanitiser on hand and use it regularly, and all fulfilment centre employees should have their temperature and blood oxygen levels tested before starting their shift. This contributes to a safe working and shopping environment for both staff and consumers.

The fulfilment centre should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, and no one should be permitted to enter until they’ve followed all of the safety precautions. Social distancing should be maintained at all times (social distance markers on the floor can help with this).

Electronic contactless proof of delivery

The digital proof of delivery may also be shared with clients and dispatchers to confirm that the delivery order has been fulfilled. Another reason for a company’s reliance on technology is to make the distribution process more efficient.

To minimize fraudulent accusations of package theft, drivers may use the driver app to take digital proof of delivery in the form of notes or photos.

Record-keeping, Reporting, and Analytics

You’ll be able to keep track of each of your online orders and simplify your supply chain if you have the correct set of technical tools.

In addition to record-keeping, the tools may provide reports on your distribution operations on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. It gives you the information you need in real-time about how your distribution process is working and whether you need to make any adjustments.

How does it work?

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Contactless delivery has been the standard and a service trend carefully followed by many firms and most consumers throughout the world, despite the global Covid-19 epidemic and the present direction of social distancing.

With a few key differences, contactless delivery is identical to home delivery. To prevent personal contact, the delivery professional leaves the package outside the customer’s front door rather than handing it over.

Customers are alerted of delivery by phone calls, text messages, or emails. Payment is also contactless with contactless delivery. Customers pay using Internet or mobile money applications rather than cash, reducing the interpersonal touch even further.

Are You Ready to Take on This Challenge?

As a delivery business, training your employees, integrating additional technology, keeping clients safe, and transitioning to this new model of delivering deliveries with safety precautions can be difficult.

Choose the right delivery management software for the right technology. Book a free demo with us to know how all of this works.

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