Contactless Delivery – Why it matters and how it can help businesses?

April 21, 2022

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Despite the fact that numerous licensed vaccinations are produced across the world, new COVID-19 variations emerge on a regular basis, forcing individuals to be more aware of how they interact with others. Because of the virus’s persistence, contactless deliveries are the way of the future, since consumers may have items with contactless delivery to their homes.

How much it costs to develop Contactless Delivery App? 

Key Components Of Contactless Delivery Software

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Contactless Pickups

The pickup procedure is the starting point for a successful contactless delivery. Pickups have been contactless in a variety of ways, including curbside pickups, retail establishments converted into fulfillment centers, and dark storefronts. Almost every stage of the pickup process has been computerized to eliminate human interference, including label production, delivery executive assignment, and packing.

Contactless Proof of Delivery

How can delivery executives acquire proof of delivery in a contactless world? To begin, they can take a photo of the delivered products and send it to the buyer using the booking app. An OTP-based alternative is another option for digital evidence of delivery.

Contactless Payments

Another important aspect of contactless delivery software. Because clients would not be able to interact with the delivery personnel, cash or card on delivery is no longer an option. Customers should then be given the choice of either prepaying for their order or receiving a link or a QR code that they can use to make payment once the delivery has been completed.

Providers are scrambling to keep up with the surge in demand.

The Need for Contactless Deliveries

Contactless or zero contact deliveries are here to stay for a variety of reasons, including

Need for social distance

The new normal is here to stay, and as long as we have a vaccine, social distancing standards will be universal. This is especially important given that the virus’s transmission hasn’t stopped in many regions of the world.

Dependence on e-commerce

As a result of lengthier lockdowns, the reliance on e-commerce delivery has increased severalfold. It does put everyone in danger of being infected with the virus, necessitating contactless deliveries.

Benefits of contactless delivery software

How entirely contactless delivery looks like:

Automating complicated delivery flows is simple. Businesses must first verify that they have complete visibility and control over their delivery logistics before they can coordinate truly contactless deliveries. Automation can therefore assist firms in replacing manual procedures with digital ones, reducing the requirement for human interaction throughout the delivery process.

  • Optimize Order Taking
  • Modify Your Online Ordering System With A Contactless Delivery Option
  • Use your driver applications to automate processes like rejections, tips, and alternative proofs of delivery – such as a photo in place of a signature.
  • Encourage the use of cashless payment and offer a plethora of digital payment options to choose from.

Increase customer satisfaction with Contactless Delivery Software

How do forward-thinking businesses handle contactless or no-contact delivery?

Businesses that started their digital transformation journey before the pandemic hit were better equipped to deal with the interruptions brought by COVID-19. They were able to swiftly implement contactless delivery choices in their current delivery operations since they had digital logistics capabilities in place. They also enabled their field executives to follow contactless delivery policies from the time an order was made until it was delivered to the consumer, leveraging the potential of mobility.

You can easily include contactless delivery into your offering with Trakop – delivery management solutions. We provide customized delivery management software for a wide range of on-demand enterprises, including food, laundry, groceries, dry cleaning software and others.

There are additional features such as digital proof of delivery, various payment choices, customer alerts, notifications, and much more available. You can quickly set up your contactless delivery operations without the assistance of a third-party vendor.

Wrapping up

In countries with a large population and a growing market for on-demand enterprises, contactless deliveries are even more important. People are also likely to rely on e-commerce for their requirements, given the tremendous unpredictability of forthcoming waves of illness.

When we are all able to return to work, our business world will be quite different. COVID-19 will be around for a long time. And it means that the firm of the future will have to deal with clients and deliveries in a completely different way. In businesses, contactless delivery will become the new standard.

But how do you address it as a business?

What are your plans for integrating this new normal?

How can you ensure that everyone participating is fully safe?

We’d be happy to help your organization to shift to the new normal with the aforementioned capabilities that are critical to ensure safe and contactless deliveries. Do sign up for a demo here for more information.

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