How to Increase Customer Satisfaction Rate with Contactless Delivery?

April 21, 2022


Customers are “the king” when it comes to business. Every business work to fulfil their customer’s demands to increase customer satisfaction rate. It helps delivery businesses grow in this competitive world.

In today’s post-pandemic-driven time, consumer demands are changing. Your delivery business must focus on ways to optimize the delivery process accordingly.

Consumers these days want the service for them to be on priority, well-managed, fast customer service, and automated so that they do not have to spend much time to get their orders and issues resolved.

What is contactless delivery and is it important for your business?

The customer satisfaction rate depends upon the following factors:

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On-time delivery

Contactless delivery speeds up the delivery process by automating each step in the delivery like accepting orders, auto-dispatching, allocating to drivers, online payment options, real-time order updates, etc. Hence the delivery person can now deliver more in lesser time making faster and on-time delivery.

Quality of products

To maintain the quality of the products, it has to be delivered as quickly as they can be with the help of route optimization. With optimized routes, on-time delivery is achieved to ensure products remain fresh like fresh milk, eggs, groceries, etc.

Quality of service

By providing on-time time delivery, ease of payment, and quality of products, you can reduce the chances of customer disputes. The quality of service improves the satisfaction of customers.

Ease to make digital payments at the time of delivery

With the right delivery management software, provide ease to make payment online without any hassles, reduces the chances of billing disputes, and improves transparency between vendors & consumers.

Easy to accept deliveries without worrying about being present

If a user can accept orders even if not available at home, it would make it so easy for me and consumers can order as per their needs without worrying about the delivery. Also, no need to worry about payments since it’s being digitally paid between the consumer and the delivery person. The electronic proof of delivery ensures the product is delivered on the customer app.

Industries fit in contactless delivery model


Contactless delivery is here to stay. The desire for contactless delivery is evident, both as a safety measure and as a handy way to receive goods without being there. Fortunately, the technology to make contactless delivery possible is now widely available to all enterprises and sectors.

Trakop – delivery management solution functions best with complete integration between consumers and vendors as smart technology that improved every stage of the delivery process. Businesses that wish to offer contactless delivery should start using these techniques and procedures right once.

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