How do Payments Work in a Contactless Delivery System?

April 21, 2022

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The contactless delivery system grew with the pandemic. Being contactless means every part of the delivery process is automated and digitized to make it completely safe and secure for consumers.

The main component where the contactless phase matters are the time when the order is delivered and the payments. Here comes a question how would any business make it easy and secure for customers to pay and collect payments without any contact?

Software like Trakop makes it easy to pay securely with smart AI-based delivery management software with integrated payment gateways.

How do online payments work?

When the delivery business is working on a delivery management system, the whole process from start to end is dealt with with automation. The end component of online payments is taken care of as well.

For instance, multiple payment gateways such as GooglePay, RazorPay, Stripe, Paytm, FastPay, etc.,  are integrated with a delivery management system to provide customers with an easy way of making payments online. It is totally safe and secure passage of payments from customers to vendors. Also, it becomes very efficient for drivers, vendors, and consumers with contactless payments online.

How contactless delivery system helps in contactless payments…

ravi garg, trakop, digital payments, electronic proof of delivery, customer feedback, delivery management

Accept payments via Barcode

Customers scan the barcode from the delivery person’s phone like already do these days and make the payment as required without any contact with the delivery person.

The customer gets a payment link via SMS on their phone

The contactless delivery software provides SMS gateway integration which helps in real-time order updates to consumers and also sends payment links to consumers where users can visit and make online payments.

Customers can view orders on the customer app and pay online

The delivery management software provides a customer app and back office for the vendors, as well as a driver app for the delivery boys. The customers get an option in the app to pay either from the wallet, payment gateways integrated by vendors, etc.

Customers can prepay in a digital wallet via the customer app

The consumers can simply share the one-time password with the delivery person at the time of delivery and payment gets deducted from the wallet automatically. It is the easy and quickest possible method to pay contactless.

Direct deduction from credit card at time of delivery

Some countries don’t support direct debit like India. But in India, once the consumer has confirmed the payment, it is automatically deducted once the order is marked delivered. The USA, UK, etc. support direct credit card charges with the help of payment gateways like sage pay.

Direct debit from the bank at the time of delivery

Payment gateways like Stripe and Fastpay support direct debit from a linked bank account in the customer app so customers don’t need to pay at the time of delivery. This makes complete contactless payments more efficient.

Impact of Contactless Payments

In the scenario of online payments, Proof of delivery becomes very important for both consumers and vendors. If a customer account getting auto-charged or payment is auto-debited from the wallet or linked credit cards/bank accounts then it is mandatory to provide proof of delivery. Whether the order has been actually delivered and the customer can see the proof, electronic proof of delivery ensures the same.

Electronic proof of delivery is updated right at the time of delivery by the delivery boys and updated to consumers via mail, SMS, or app notification. Hence, the completely transparent process reduces the chances of disputes of any kind making the whole delivery efficient and trustworthy.

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