6 Last Mile Delivery Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2024

May 13, 2024

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Last-mile delivery is a core element that is a crucial metric for measuring the success of any business. A study by Precedence Research states that the last-mile delivery market is growing at a CAGR of 10-20% and is likely to hit US$424.3 billion by 2030. This means more and more businesses are investing in making the last mile more efficient and fast.

The last-mile delivery of a business determines its operational efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction scores. In this article, we have brought together the latest last-mile delivery trends that can help your business make last-mile delivery more efficient and sustainable.

The top 6 last-mile delivery trends that will make your business more efficient

Contactless deliveries – COVID-19 has been a new trendsetter in last-mile delivery, where contactless deliveries are one of the crucial features. With rising health concerns, most customers are still preferring contactless deliveries. Businesses that have opted for contactless delivery have increased digital payments, minimised the chances of spreading any kind of infection and helped build more trust.

Last-mile delivery visibility – Tracking and visibility are two major concerns with last-mile delivery. GPS tracking has enhanced last-mile visibility. Enabling real-time order status and tracking orders once they are out for delivery with an estimated time of arrival for the customers is just the beginning. Using a GPS to track the order gives their customers the transparency and traceability they seek.

Enable faster order fulfilment – Auto-order assigning and optimising the delivery routes contribute to faster order fulfilment. According to the Retail Industry Leader Association, “90% of the customers are expecting two or three days of delivery. Whereas, a study by Shopify suggests that 32% of customers abandon their cart if the estimated shipping time is longer. Increasing customer demand and expectations have pushed businesses to optimise and streamline their delivery operations to step up the competition. Businesses have integrated route optimisation software to optimise their last-mile delivery.

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Sustainable deliveries – Customers have become more aware and conscious about the environment and have started making changes to their shopping habits. Not every time fast deliveries are sustainable. Many businesses have started opting for scheduled deliveries to make last-mile deliveries more sustainable. They can create schedules and customers can choose any of them according to their preferences. This promotes both sustainable deliveries and sustainability scores.

Last-mile delivery insourcing – Earlier, many businesses used third-party logistics to make last-mile delivery. However, due to the higher costs of hiring third-party logistics, many businesses have begun to use their vehicles for delivery. Unlike outsourced logistics, insourcing last-mile logistics can be managed and tracked by the company.

Cost-effective with analytics – Predictive analytics can help in making decisions related to optimising future last-mile delivery. Technology can help provide such intuitive data that a business can manage its entire delivery business on a single platform. It can automate and streamline the entire delivery process, along with the auto-generation of analytical data that can be studied and analysed to level up the last-mile delivery process.

According to a report by World Economic Forum, “ 25% rise in consumer e-commerce deliveries in 2020, with some of the increased demand expected to last well beyond the pandemic.”

Satisfying customer demands might be difficult and require businesses to plan and strategise their last-mile delivery with due diligence. Incorporating appropriate technology can help in streamlining the deliveries and increasing their efficiency. Trakop is an integrated platform designed to meet all the requirements of delivery businesses from managing orders to optimising last-mile deliveries. Schedule a call with our delivery experts to learn more about Trakop and how we can help.

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