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April 23, 2024

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Constantly changing consumer behaviour, especially in online shopping, has impacted deliveries. Fulfilling customers’ expectations for free and fast delivery, and making profits, has become challenging. To survive the competition and stay competitive, many companies have started streamlining their deliveries and making them more efficient.

Trakop is delivery management software that optimises last-mile delivery, making the delivery business more efficient and productive. The software is apt for delivery-based businesses like food, groceries, and medicines.

According to a study by Business Insider, “Last-mile delivery can account for 53% of a shipment’s costs.

The article explores how Trakop can help give your delivery management business a competitive edge.

What is last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the final step in order fulfilment. The process includes order dispatching, being sent out for delivery, and arriving at its final destination, the customer. Last-mile deliveries are expensive and cost more than the entire business operation.
Companies ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries to meet customer demands without incurring financial losses.

Steps in last-mile delivery with Trakop

Step I

  • Orders are auto-assigned to the drivers based on the route and recipient.
  • The delivery management system fetches orders from a centralised system. These orders are auto-assigned to delivery drivers based on their delivery route and the recipient.

Step II

  • Orders are sequenced based on route optimisation.
  • The feature runs algorithms to create the shortest travel distance. This optimised route reduces the total turnaround time and fuel consumption.
  • The customer addresses are sequenced so the first to arrive on the route is at the top. This reduces the number of rounds. Doing this helps drivers make deliveries faster.

Step III

  • Orders are dispatched and sent out for delivery
  • The driver picks up the order. The delivery driver goes out to make deliveries. Customers and businesses can track orders and delivery drivers from the customer app and admin panel‌.
  • The system calculates the estimated arrival time. The customers receive ETA on their registered mobile. Customers and drivers can communicate directly in case of any change in the event.

Step IV

  • The order is fulfilled
  • The delivery driver delivers the order and obtains proof of delivery. Electronic proof of delivery can be an OTP or picture to verify successful order fulfilment. The driver can click the photo of the delivered order or use the OTP received on the customer’s phone.

Features of Trakop that help in making last-mile deliveries more efficient

Trakop consists of three components

  1. Admin panel
  2. Customer Interface
  3. Driver App

ravi garg, trakop, components, trakop, admin panel, customer interface, driver app

Admin Panel

  • The vendor gets complete visibility of their business.
  • New orders are auto-assigned to the drivers based on the pre-defined routes.
  • This delivery business software creates the shortest distance and optimises the route, ensuring fast and accurate deliveries.
  • The software generates the estimated arrival time. It allows the customers to know the time slot when the order is arriving without having to wait the whole day for the order.
  • The software allows customers and business owners to track their businesses via a customer application and admin panel.
  • Keep track of inventory, avoiding stockouts and overstocking.
  • Offer flexible payment modes to customers, allowing them to pay from anywhere and at any time.
  • Sends automated notifications and payment reminders, allowing your customers to pay on time and avoid bad debt.

Customer interface (iOS, Android, and website)

  • Place, modify, resume, pause and delete subscriptions directly from the app.
  • Make payments via an in-app wallet.
  • Access order and payment history.
  • Receive notifications and payment reminders.
  • Get ETA and track the order in real-time.
  • Offers contactless deliveries with multiple payment methods.
  • Schedule the deliveries as predefined by the vendor.

Driver app

  • Allows to edit the orders in run-time.
  • Obtain proof of delivery.
  • Allow to record cash and receive digital payments.
  • It gives drivers a clear understanding of the daily delivery operations.
  • Allows for the placement of new orders for new customers, helping in customer acquisition.
  • GPS systems and maps allow them to see the delivery address directions.

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Benefits of improving Last-mile deliveries

Efficient last-mile deliveries offer various benefits, from enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency to environmental sustainability. Businesses should invest in optimising their delivery processes to drive growth and reduce costs.

Enhanced customer experience – Offering fast and reliable last-mile deliveries improves customer satisfaction. The system ensures on-time and accurate order deliveries. It can help build a positive brand perception and encourage repeat orders.
Increased Efficiency – The integrated route optimisation software offered by the system reduces delivery time, fuel consumption, and vehicle idle time. This helps with cost savings and improves business operational efficiency.
Reduced environmental impact – Route optimisation and alternative transports like EVs are efficient last-mile practices. These practices can minimise carbon emissions and help with environmental sustainability.
Support for local economies – Improving the last mile can stimulate local economies by creating job opportunities for delivery personnel. It supports local businesses through faster product distribution.
Flexibility and convenience – Customers appreciate flexible delivery options. Offering same-day or scheduled deliveries with features like real-time tracking and delivery notification offers customers convenience.
Competitive Advantage – Efficient last-mile delivery helps you gain a competitive edge in the market. You can position yourself over your competitors by offering convenient deliveries. It can help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones.
Better Inventory Management – Streamlining last-mile logistics can help you manage inventory efficiently and avoid overstocking. By reducing operational costs and ensuring timely deliveries, it reduces operational costs.
Opportunities for Innovation – Businesses use advanced technologies like route optimisation and GPS tracking. These technologies allow you to stay ahead in the market and offer ways to enhance delivery operations.

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Efficient last-mile delivery systems can stimulate local economies by creating job opportunities for delivery personnel and supporting local businesses through faster product distribution.

Last-mile deliveries are challenging for many businesses, concerning costs and efficiency. However, using the right software can help increase efficiency. Trakop is an integrated delivery management software to streamline the delivery process and reduce delivery costs. If your last-mile delivery costs are high, meet with our expert team to learn how Trakop can help your business reduce costs.

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