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October 30, 2023

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Constantly changing consumer behaviour, especially when it comes to online shopping, has impacted deliveries. Fulfilling customers’ expectations for free and fast delivery along with making profits has become challenging. To survive the competition and stay competitive, many companies have started streamlining their deliveries and making them more efficient.

Trakop is a delivery management software that helps optimise last-mile delivery and makes the delivery business more efficient and productive. The software is apt for delivery businesses like food, groceries, and medicines.

According to a study by Business Insider, “Last-mile delivery can account for 53% of a shipment’s costs.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into how Trakop can help give a competitive edge to your delivery management business.

What is last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the very last step of order fulfilment where the order is dispatched and sent out for delivery and reaches its final destination, which is the customer. Last-mile deliveries are expensive and cost more than the entire business’s operations.

Companies ensure timely and cost-efficient deliveries at the same time to keep up with customers’ demands without being financially affected.

Steps in last-mile delivery with Trakop

Step I
Orders are auto-assigned to the drivers based on the route and recipient

Orders are fetched from a centralised system, which is a delivery management system. These orders are auto-assigned to delivery drivers based on their delivery route and the recipient.

Step II
Orders are sequenced based on route optimisation

The delivery route is optimised and a shorter distance is created to make deliveries.
The orders are sequenced so that the order of the first customer is placed on ‌top. Doing this helps drivers make deliveries faster.

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Step III
Orders are dispatched and sent out for delivery

The order is then picked up and dispatched. The delivery driver goes out to make deliveries. Customers and businesses can track orders and delivery drivers from the customer app and admin panel‌. The estimated time of arrival is also calculated and provided to customers. Customers and drivers can communicate directly in case of any change in the event.

Step IV
The order is fulfilled and proof of delivery is obtained

The delivery driver delivers the order and obtains proof of delivery as an OTP or picture to verify successful order fulfilment. The driver can click the picture of the delivered order or can also use the OTP received on the customer’s phone.

Features of Trakop that help make last-mile deliveries more efficient

  • The route is pre-defined based on which any new order placed is auto-assigned to the delivery driver to whom the order is assigned.
  • The business defines its delivery routes and assigns delivery drivers to the defined routes. Based on the schedules defined, the order is dispatched and picked up for delivery.
  • This delivery business software creates the shortest distance and optimises the route while ensuring fast and accurate deliveries.
  • The software generates the estimated time so that the customer knows exactly when the order is arriving and doesn’t have to wait the whole day for the order.
  • The software allows customers and business owners to track their businesses via a customer application and admin panel, respectively.

Last-mile deliveries are challenging for many businesses with respect to costs and inefficiency. However, using the right software can help increase the efficiency of the business. Trakop is an integrated suite of delivery management software that can help streamline the delivery process and reduce delivery costs which otherwise would have been expensive. If you are worried about how much your last-mile delivery might eat up your profit, book a meeting with our expert team to learn and see how Trakop can help your delivery management business.

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