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June 29, 2022

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It takes a lot of effort to plan a delivery route. Without the correct tools, planning dozens or hundreds of delivery routes is nearly impossible.

We’re talking about hours and hours of work that, if done well, only saves a few minutes of delivery time—if you’re lucky. It makes you wonder if all of that effort was truly worthwhile.

Sure, some people forego the entire planning process in favor of dispatching deliveries as they arrive at the warehouse. The issue is that numerous delivery drivers may be routed in the same neighborhood at the same time.

How does Trakop benefit businesses?

Effort Minimization

There are two forms of route planning used by delivery companies: manual and automated. Delivery route planning software is based on an automated route planning strategy that can assist in determining the quickest routes while also decreasing human work. It saves money since it eliminates the need to hire and pay individuals to plan routes manually.

Accurate ETA Calculation

If any limits are obstructing day-to-day operations, the ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) calculation feature assists logistic organisations in staying informed and ahead of the game. The owner of a logistics app with a route optimization feature can check the status of a specific delivery at any moment. The app’s voice-controlled planning and routing capability can also be used to verify the current delivery status and projected arrival time. If an unavoidable delay or cancellation occurs, the ETA is immediately modified in real time. And, to make things easier for the drivers, it automatically allocates an accurate ETA while optimizing the routes if they wish to meet any on-demand pick-up request while driving.

Some other areas where Route Optimization Software Helps:

  • To minimize the delivery turnaround time
  • Save extra fuel cost
  • Reduce CO2 emission, save the environment
  • Reduce manually route planning efforts
    • Save time
    • Less error
    • Easy to plan the best route
    • Reduce driver efforts
  • Improve on-time delivery

Aside from product quality, a swift and effective delivery route planning software makes any logistics company the consumer’s first choice. Companies may improve their shipping processes thanks to the route optimization tool, making the best use of resources while saving money. This is a highly respected and desired advanced feature that any logistics company may incorporate into their applications. They can never fail to meet, and sometimes even exceed, their clients’ expectations because of this.

Trakop takes a novel method to route optimization that boosts profitability by lowering operating expenses, enhances revenue by allowing more daily driver stops, and improves logistical operations by enhancing efficiency. Book a free demo with us!

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