How does Route Optimization help in Delivery Business Growth?

June 28, 2022

Route optimization boosts delivery efficiency while also ensuring that customers are satisfied. Lower delivery expenses (e.g., distance, vehicles, or drivers) or improved delivery capacity may result from increased productivity. Route optimization that is more advanced can increase revenue associated with the delivery minus delivery costs.

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What route optimization helps with?

At the very least, route optimization aids businesses in lowering fleet operating expenses, improving customer service, and maximizing fleet asset usage. Companies with limited planning horizons, such as same-day and next-day delivery, can use route optimization to quickly establish ideal routes and lower order cut-off times. Route optimization can also be used for more strategic purposes, such as determining the impact of changes in customer service policies, how to serve new consumers or markets, and changes in vehicle types and driver shifts

Some other advantages of Route optimization to a delivery business:

  • Minimize delivery time
  • Increase in number of deliveries
  • Fuel-saving
  • Increase in Customer satisfaction rate with On-time deliveries
  • Reduce daily manual route planning and updates
  • On-boarding cost reduction of new delivery boys
  • Auto allocation of routes reduces the manual work of a manager
  • Minimizes the errors in delivery that were leading to order cancellations
  • Reduces conflicts in area/delivery boy assigned for delivery

There are 7 major classes of variables:

customer, order, vehicle, road, product, facility, and business practice or policy.

ravi garg, trakop, customer service, route planning, drivers, route optimization

How does Route optimization software work?

Customer orders are entered into route optimization software, which considers available resources, the road network, and operational restrictions to identify the optimum mix of routes and delivery sequence to satisfy the company’s financial and customer service goals. For example, simple route optimization may optimize for the lowest cost to transport client orders or will ensure that all orders are delivered regardless of cost. Complex route optimization employs a more balanced strategy that can be adapted to the company’s customer service and financial goals.

Route optimization software help drivers work more efficiently

Route optimization software will boost driver productivity by lowering driving distance, saving time, and increasing the number of deliveries they can make on a given route. Route optimization software can also optimize vehicle loading, lowering the amount of time spent at the delivery stop and increasing driver efficiency.


Managers can improve the performance of their delivery personnel, maximize their efficiency, and increase client retention as technology brings a large-scale difference to the last-mile delivery industry.

Trakop is a complete last-mile delivery and dispatch system that includes accurate scheduling, optimal resource use, and the ability to control all processes from a single dashboard.

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