What is Route Optimization? Why your business needs it in 2023?

June 15, 2022

Route optimization is a method of determining the most efficient solutions to difficulties that field service companies encounter, such as long driving hours, convoluted routes, and excessive fuel use. A delivery route is a combination of multiple areas, delivery schedules, delivery boys, and business growth.

what is route optimization

When volumes are huge and there are hundreds of delivery agents and destinations involved, manually optimizing routes is challenging. When things are done manually, your supply chain’s efficiency, scalability, accuracy, and adaptability are all impaired.


Route optimization employs data analytics and computer algorithms to determine the best cost-effective delivery route depending on factors such as:

  • Congestion in the streets
  • Distance
  • Intersections and turns
  • Closest drivers

The fleet management system assigns routes automatically once a route has been determined.

Why do you need delivery route management software?

As a delivery firm in 2023, it’s crucial to incorporate technology into the supply chain model and take advantage of automation’s capabilities. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and screening various possible routes from point A to point B, advanced logistics solutions may figure out the best, most efficient delivery route, decreasing manual dependency, automating the end-to-end logistics process, and saving time and money.

Utilizing cutting-edge software and algorithms, route optimization takes into account a number of variables, including traffic, vehicle capacity, appointment or delivery windows, and even weather. These tools assist businesses in designing routes that are optimized for minimizing unneeded detours, cutting down on idle time, and ensuring that resources are used as efficiently as possible.

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  1. Fuel cost optimization
  2. Reduce delivery time
  3. On-time delivery to the customer
  4. Higher customer satisfaction
  5. It Saves Business owners time to organize the route for each driver every day
  6. Reduces the scope of error or miss by removing manual route planning

Route optimization brings:

  1. Reducing Delivery Turnaround-Time
  2. Reduced calls to customer service
  3. Reduced route planning time
  4. Efficient drivers schedules
  5. Maximize delivery profitability
  6. Enhance real-time tracking of drivers and orders

How does Trakop help?

  • Planners can now use a CSV file to enter the numbers of orders.
  • Week-long plans, including overnight trips (technicians cover large areas), with different starting and ending locations every day are much easier to put together.
  • Trakop sends orders to drivers automatically depending on geography, capacity, state restrictions, licensing, and competence needs.
  • Trakop calculates the best route and schedule for each technician to service their clients, taking into account customer-specific service hours, lunch breaks, traffic, and other factors.
  • The Trakop smartphone driver app assists drivers in staying on track and on time.

Adopting intelligent delivery route management software that allows for end-to-end visibility, autonomous route planning, and logistics data centralization can be implemented to improve last-mile delivery.

With route optimization solutions, you can reduce costs, boost productivity, improve customer service, benefit the environment, be real-time adaptable, and gain a competitive edge. Therefore, stop waiting and begin optimizing your routes right away to see how your company can prosper in the modern era of effectiveness and efficiency.

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