How does route optimization help you achieve successful delivery?

September 7, 2021

Route optimization with Trakop

Route optimization software basically is a smart tool for a quicker route that drivers can use for faster and timely deliveries to the customers.

When any customer orders pizza or any other food item, they constantly keep an eye on the delivery time. When will the order be delivered, where is the delivery boy, and many more things?

Yes, we all do that.

Your customers wait for you to provide time to time notifications of the whereabouts of their orders. But to deliver on time – your drivers should be more efficient and how can they be?

When you provide them the optimized routes where they do not find much traffic on the road.

Driver’s pay and fuel expenses account for 59.8% of total operating costs per mile in various sectors.

As a result, even little changes to your driver’s routes can help you not just deliver items or serve your clients more quickly, but also have a substantial influence on your bottom line.

Route optimization is crucial to success since it enables businesses to complete orders on time. Also, it efficiently manages such as driver schedules, available hours, total stops, fulfillment estimations, and regulatory requirements.

It’s essential to note that route optimization isn’t about finding the shortest or cheapest route; rather, it’s about finding a path that is efficient and satisfying for all variables.

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How does route optimization work?

Using a delivery routing program or a delivery app is the simplest method to optimize your delivery route.

A delivery schedule software like Trakop, for example, may help you improve your delivery services by providing route planning, real-time tracking, and a variety of other features.

Here are some reasons why Trakop is the best delivery scheduling solution for route optimization:

  • Improved route planning, greater performance monitoring of the delivery fleet, and increased efficiency resulting in shorter delivery times and higher customer satisfaction scores.
  • Greater consumer transparency, visibility of stock availability, and faster delivery cycles all can contribute to an increase in recurrent purchases.
  • Analytics-driven business insights enabled data-driven decision-making and delivery planning.
  • Enhanced field operations transparency by allowing managers and customers to follow delivery fleets in real-time.
  • By anticipating route delays and properly handling exceptions, will be able to generate more accurate ETAs.

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How to optimize delivery routes?

Logistics Route Optimization Software is helpful in saving delivery costs & achieve efficient on-time deliveries for better customer experience.

Let’s take a look at why Trakop is the perfect delivery scheduling system to help you with route optimization:

  • Get access to a centralized dispatch dashboard where you can track orders in real-time, optimize delivery routes and timetables, and allot resources to individual orders.
  • From the dashboard, automate logistics, including work assignment, scheduling, and order management. You can also use the dashboard to get statistics and reports to help you enhance and optimize the operation of your fleet!
  • The delivery app provides your delivery employees with a service app that contains a slew of features aimed at speeding up deliveries. The app’s most important feature is route optimization, which allows field workers to effortlessly navigate various destinations and make on-time deliveries. Task alerts, agent wallets, simple navigation, and proof of delivery are some of the other features of the service app.
  • When a vehicle enters or departs a geofence, the delivery management system generates an alarm, which helps improve operational efficiency while also enhancing safety and security.

Why route optimization will work for you?

You may not only enhance client experience but also save a lot of money on gasoline and labor by utilizing the capabilities of Trakop’s route planning software. The intelligent route planner provides fully customizable solutions, address geocoding, intelligent vehicle and route selection feasibility, magic geofencing, FIFO assignment process, real-time dynamic routing options, and interactive route maps to elevate your routing and delivery process.

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