Top Benefits of Using Right Delivery Management Software

September 6, 2021

If you are an owner of a small business or enterprise business, delivering quickly and timely what matters to you to grow.

Every business needs a smart management tool that can help reduce extra costs and save human effort. You have got so many things on your plate to manage and very little time to manage all these things.

Ever wondered, what if you have anyone to help with all the chaos generated while taking orders from customers, packing them, managing delivery allocation to drivers, and assured delivery on time without any disruption.

Well, you must have thought about it. Right?

Delivery management software is a digital tool to provide your business a bird-eye view to manage the complete process in one place.

Also, it makes it simpler to organize all the processes involved in taking online orders, makes the delivery allocation to drivers automatic, and can save you time and money.

Key Benefits of Using Delivery Management Software

Benefits of Trakop

Manage drivers & their schedules

Your drivers are your USP and if they are managed well – it will automatically result in:

  • quick and cost-effective deliveries.
  • fewer chances of miscommunication when you use a smart route planning and advanced driver tracking feature of a last-mile delivery solution.

Within a few seconds, the AI algorithm will help to assign orders to your drivers, and with the help of route planning, drivers can leave for the delivery with everything planned and tracked through software.

DMS makes it simple to track the status of drivers on their delivery routes, and dispatchers can be notified of delays and give customers precise ETAs without having to call drivers or slow them down.

Elevate business growth rate

You may focus on other parts of your business to fuel future development by freeing up the time you were previously spending on route planning, calling drivers, and handling client calls.

Demand for your products might change month to month, and DMS allows you to scale up or down your team of drivers to stay up with such fluctuations.

Business growth with Trakop

It is easy to manage any number of vehicles, products, drivers, and customers now. Once you have set up your business online – you will have plenty of room to grow and reach more customers.

Reduce extra costs and time

Save your time and money.

You won’t have to enter data manually or make thousands of phone calls in a day if you automate all of your operations. The implementation of a DMS lowers operating costs and saves time and resources while also reducing the possibility of mistakes and inconsistencies.

You generate a good profit with such an effective route optimization system, which helps you accomplish your organizational goals faster.

Increased customer satisfaction

When an order arrives at its destination warehouse, you can update the client that the order will be delivered the next day with the help of the back office(Admin).

These messages are delivered during transit and delivery, informing the consumer of the expected delivery time and day so he may be present at home. It will help in achieving higher customer satisfaction.

You may also collect feedback from the customers that will give them some sense of a valued customer that matters to your business.

Automated order dispatching

We understand how chaotic it is to manage multiple orders at one time. The end-to-end order management process gives clarity to the whole delivery process.

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The dispatch team employs a super-efficient interface to plan deliveries, pick-ups, and assign/re-assign deliveries to the drivers. You won’t have to go through hundreds of spreadsheet entries if you have a delivery management system in place.

For all of this, you need an automated order dispatch software that offers an amazing interface for everyone involved in the delivery cycle- agents, customers, and warehouse managers.

Timely decisions with business analytics

For business growth, gaining business insights is essential. You’ll need several essential characteristics and patterns to figure out how well the firm is doing. The delivery management software includes analytics capabilities to aid in forming insights and making well-informed decisions.

Sales report with Trakop

Collect all historical data on all orders, customers, and delivery in an easy-to-understand format. It helps you estimate future delivery demands and find other performance growth indicators, such as the best time and month to enhance your products/services, in addition to previous trends and patterns.

This enhances the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives as well as the efficiency of your operations.

Effective and clear communication

Maintain client satisfaction by overseeing the whole delivery process

For corporate success, a robust communication approach is essential. Dispatch management software makes it easier for multiple departments to work together by offering a simple communication paradigm.

You will be in command of the entire process, from order to delivery, and create a unique customer experience by using a delivery solution to run your delivery operations.

No dependency on delivery aggregators

Customers will benefit from the automation of small processes with delivery scheduling software since they will receive all delivery updates through their delivery app.

Even if they require assistance, the customer app may assist them. Furthermore, automation eliminates the need to pay for delivery aggregators who were previously necessary.

Read more how NRAI started #orderdirect to save local restaurants from aggregators.

Hence, it is now more consumer-focused, with client happiness as the top goal. The delivery management system monitors and regulates all transactions as well as the whole delivery process, eliminating the need for delivery aggregators.

Industry-specific use of Delivery Management Software

The use of Delivery management software isn’t limited to a specific industry. However, A wide range of businesses utilizes delivery management tools that may be customized to meet specific company needs. Check out the complete list of businesses that can use DMS here.

  • Food and Beverage
  • Flower Delivery
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare
  • Milk Delivery business
  • Services (Beauty, home services, cleaning services, etc)
  • Water delivery business
  • Waste management

Are you ready to lift your business?

Advanced delivery scheduling software is an excellent way to fix current problems in a small business’s delivery management chain.

Delivery routing software automates the whole scheduling process, controls all staff responsibilities and schedules, improves delivery operational efficiency, and increases customer satisfaction.

With the right delivery management system in place, you will have nothing to worry about. Sign up and see the results yourself! 

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