Is the #Orderdirect campaign from NRAI a workable step?

July 8, 2021


NRAI has launched a #orderdirect campaign to save local restaurants from aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy…

The restaurant industry has been dependent on third-party to deliver their food and pay hefty commissions out of their profit. And so many restaurants have suffered a big loss, even closed down due to no option available to reach customers.

We all have seen how the current scenario is and it may change for the better or the worse. Businesses like dhabas, small restaurants that depend on daily orders and aggregators to fulfill those orders.

NRAI is now urging people to #orderdirect from local restaurants to save them from drowning. But is it secure and safe for restaurant owners to invest in their own online restaurant management software or rather pay commission to third-party delivery companies like Swiggy, Zomato, etc?

“During the pandemic, the magnitude of anti-competitive practices of Zomato and Swiggy have increased manifold, and despite numerous discussions with them, these deeply funded marketplace platforms are not interested in alleviating the concerns of the restaurants. In fact, during the pandemic, due to onerous terms imposed, a lot of our partners had to shut shop,” the NRAI said in a statement.

Every business knows how hard it was to survive the pandemic. The restaurant businesses faced the consequences of lockdown all over the world. Having no other options did lead to an unwanted decision of choosing aggregators and agree to their demands.

What’s at stake for restaurant owners?

Many restaurants had to close their doors to business in the pandemic because these restaurants are paying more than 20% commission for then delivery to these aggregators (Zomato, Swiggy ). And even forced to lose an ample amount of profit because of no other options available in the market.


With the #orderdirect motive, the restaurants will not only lose the dependency on aggregators but also own the profit directly in their hands. The biggest benefit a restaurant can get from their own food delivery system is “a truckload of customer data” and know customer sentiments about their business connecting directly with customers.

What are the options available for local restaurants?

Restaurants have to keep paying 20%-30% commission rather than shut down completely. How will these local restaurants save themselves and turn a blind eye to aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato?

Companies like Trakop, Yelo, Dotpe provide an #orderdirect online delivery management software to restaurant businesses to help direct online ordering easily and quickly.

Managing the whole business from start to end in one place with one software gives full control to restaurant owners. And it is not too much trouble for any restaurant owners to invest in a profitable last-mile delivery management software for long-lasting results and increased revenue by 20%. Invest smartly to reduce logistics, delivery costs, improve online visibility, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

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