Advantages of Restaurant’s In-House Delivery Drivers

July 21, 2021

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The question comes – why have in-house delivery drivers when always find aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

Why take headaches when a third party can manage the delivery loads? But is it workable for any business to pay a commission of more than 30%?

Is it favorable to restaurants losing their own profit to third parties that could have been saved if it had been in-house delivery drivers?

As per Business Wire stats, the online on-demand food delivery services market is poised to grow by USD 104.45 bn during 2019-2023, progressing at a CAGR of over 15% during the forecast period. The restaurants suffered a big loss in the pandemic due to the unavailability of in-house delivery services. Now, it’s a golden period for all restaurants to provide home delivery to their customers.

Clearly, home delivery is a money-making scheme that has come to stay in the market. But how to decide if one needs own drivers and delivery services or a third-party intervention in the food delivery business?

What third-party provides:

  • A third party fulfills the no of orders – not the restaurant’s demands
  • Pay more than 30% commission to use their delivery service
  • Manage multiple restaurants at a single time

Let’s found out the reasons why restaurants should have in-house delivery drivers:

Full control over Delivery service

First and the topmost advantage of own delivery boys is having complete control over every step from making the order till the delivery.

In-house drivers directly report to the restaurant, helps in getting aware of issues in the delivery process, and collect real-time customer feedback to improve the quality of service.

No dependency on aggregators

The current pandemic situation has led restaurants to choose a third-party delivery service and pay an “exorbitant commission” for the service. Not only do restaurants lose their profit but these aggregators do not share critical customer information. It’s a lose-lose situation for every restaurant owner.

Having an in-house delivery service will save restaurant owners a good amount of profit. There will no longer be any dependency on third parties and direct dealing with customers will help in substantial growth.

Increase brand loyalty

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The name of a restaurant plays a significant role in connecting with customers on a personal level and building trust. A customer interacts directly with the restaurant’s driver, not with a third-party driver. Drivers are the face of restaurants and it is really important to leave a striking impression on customers.

A good service always pays back to the vendors. If customers know that they can expect consistency and good service, they are likelier to order again.

More profit

Aggregators charge more than 30% commission for delivery. While on the other hand, having in-house delivery boys is quite cost-effective. Along with this, restaurants can always train the drivers to help out in other areas and support the rest of the team if the drivers are not on any scheduled delivery.

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No miscommunication

Direct communication with drivers and customers will improve the chances of an enhanced overall experience. In case of any delay or misfortune with delivery, managing the issue with the delivery boys and updating the customers would be a lot easier.

An improved customer experience with better sales and fewer headaches for any restaurant owner to deal with may just be worth it.

Maintain safety measures

In the current Covid scenario, drivers are required to follow contactless delivery and payments rules to avoid any direct contact. With fewer drivers, managing such situations is easier and restaurant owners can always train the staff to handle any momentous change.

Above all, home delivery is a profitable and predominant measure for restaurants, even in the pandemic or after. Having an in-house delivery system and the right restaurant management software will solve on-demand food delivery and online order management problems.

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