How to Develop a Milk Delivery App like Country Delight?

June 17, 2024

Are you a milk delivery startup who is looking forward to taking their business online, just like Country Delight?

Increasing demand for fresh milk at doorsteps has resulted in many businesses implementing delivery software. Integrating technology is regarded as an investment that helps businesses to improve productivity and profitability.

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What is a milk delivery app?

A milk delivery app is a technology specially designed for milk delivery businesses to manage their businesses. The technology is a SaaS-based (software-as-a-service) solution that works on a subscription-based scheduled delivery model.

It automates order management, payment collection, delivery planning and routing, and stock management, reports and analytics, streamlining the entire delivery process.

Types of milk delivery apps

Subscription-based milk delivery app – It is a user-friendly mobile interface that allows customers to subscribe for milk deliveries for a particular period. This subscription-based software delivers milk to the customers’ doorsteps in predefined schedules.

On-demand milk delivery app – Allows your customers to order milk whenever they need it. The service is done on-demand and the deliveries are done as soon as possible.

Farm-to-door milk delivery app – The milk is delivered directly from the farm to the customers’ doorsteps. The deliveries can be made on-demand or scheduled-based, depending on the vendor’s option.

Why invest in building a milk delivery app?

Digitizing the milk delivery business opens up a wide area for expanding your business. Milk is a staple and a daily requirement, which makes it crucial for businesses to adopt technology to provide an edge.

Increased revenue – The total revenue in the milk market amounts to US $71.38bn in 2024. And it is expected to grow annually by 6.77%. Digital platforms help in bringing more customers, which will lead to more revenue.

Business expansion – There is plenty of room for growth, with the global dairy foods industry expected to increase at a 6.40% CAGR during the forecast period and reach $1,374.37 billion by 2030. Developing an app for milk delivery allows businesses to take advantage of market opportunities and leverage growth potential in both offline and online environments.

User-rich experience – A customer portal allows customers to place their orders directly from the mobile application without having to call the business owner to place orders. Offering a customer portal can improve customer experience and satisfaction scores.

What are the features of the milk delivery app?

This mobile milk delivery app works together with the delivery driver app and admin dashboard to provide real-time updates to the vendor and their customers.

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The admin panel for business owners

The admin panel for business owners is a platform that provides meaningful insights about your business. The platform gives complete visibility and control to the vendors, allowing them to track orders and deliveries, manage customer and driver data, optimise routes, and manage payment collection and reconciliation.

The customer interface for consumers

The customer interface for customers allows your customers to place and manage your orders. It includes a website and mobile application for iOS and Android devices. It is a self-serving portal for customers that aims to improve customer journey and experience with the brand.

The driver app for delivery boy

The driver app is available for iOS and Android devices. The application includes all the delivery information – when to whom and what to deliver. This gives daily task clarity to the drivers, allowing them to make deliveries seamlessly and on time.

What are the features of a milk delivery app?

The milk delivery app allows customers to place one-time or subscription orders on predefined schedules. Here is the step-by-step working of a milk delivery app in sync with the admin panel and driver app of milk delivery software:

Step 1: Ordering

The customer places a one-time or subscription order. Customers can select the delivery schedule and payment options, and click on place order, for a one-time order. For a subscription order, the customer selects the delivery frequency (daily, alternate, or custom deliveries), delivery schedule, and number of deliveries. The customers can choose the payment mode and place the order.

The payment modes depend on the predefined payment model chosen by the milk vendor- prepaid or postpaid.

Step 2: Order assign

Now the order is placed, it gets auto-assigned to the driver allotted to that particular route. The order and customer details get auto-updated on the driver application.

Step 3: Route-optimisation

The address is added to the route and is sequenced with other addresses, optimising the delivery route.

Step 4: The order is dispatched

The order is dispatched in the selected schedule. The driver app contains all the information, referring to which the driver picks up the order and goes out for delivery.

Step 5: The order is successful deliveries

The driver delivers the order to the customer’s doorstep. He obtains an electronic proof of delivery. He can collect the cash from the customers.

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How does the milk delivery app work?

The milk delivery app includes six modules – order management, stock management, delivery management, payment management, reports and analytics, and customer management. The detailed features of delivery software are discussed below.

Order management module

  • Vendors can create one-time and subscription orders
  • Cancel and reschedule one-time and subscription orders
  • Pause and resume subscriptions
  • Choose infinite or never-ending subscriptions
  • Customized delivery options

Stock management module

  • Future stock forecasting
  • Stock tracking in real-time
  • Stock allocation based on geofencing
  • Low stock reports
  • Return stock tracking (the buffer stock given to the drivers)

Delivery management modules

  • Define areas and routes
  • Set multiple schedules and time slot
  • Schedule-wise cut-off time
  • Route-optimization
  • Track delivery efficiency
  • Live tracking and ETA
  • Driver shift management
  • Driver attendance

Payment management module

  • Supports prepaid, postpaid and hybrid payment mode
  • Auto-charge (credit and debit card)
  • E-wallet payments and reconciliation
  • Automated invoice
  • Customer-specific invoice terms (weekly and monthly)
  • Cash collection and reconciliation
  • Multiple payment options (online, cash and cheque)

Reports and analytics module

  • Auto-generates product performance reports
  • Failed payment reports
  • Delivery summary reports
  • Delivery reports
  • Sales report

Customer management module

  • Customer profile creation
  • Edit customer details
  • Refund, deduct, and recharge
  • Customer group allocation
  • Customer-wise credit limit
  • Customer activity logs
  • Customer feedback and suggestion
  • Manage customer type (Residential and Commercial)

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How can you develop a milk delivery app like Country Delight?

To create a milk delivery app like “Country Delight,” there is a set of requisites you must follow. These are:

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Planning and research – It is crucial to do careful market research and plan a strategy. The success of the business depends on how refined your research and planning are.

Define budget – Define your budget carefully. It plays an important part in planning an investment.

Define your requirements – Define your requirements. determine if an admin dashboard (web panel) is necessary for managing your application and data.

Develop and design – Now the app development part comes in. You can develop and design your platform if you are proficient enough or can hire suitable developers for the same. SaaS-based platforms are cloud solutions that streamline and manage milk delivery software and business.

Test and launch – You can migrate the data to the system. The system is ready to launch.

Integrations to look for –  You can develop an integrated platform using integrations, like CRM, billing software, and stock management software to manage the entire business process.

How much does developing a milk delivery app like Country Delight cost to develop?

Developing a milk delivery app like Country Delight can cost around 50k USD. It requires you to hire a tech team for software maintenance, making it an expensive process. SaaS-based software, like TrakOp, is more suitable for the milk business. They include one-time setup costs and recurring monthly amounts. To check the detailed pricing: CLICK HERE

Developing a milk delivery app like Country Delight involves careful planning, execution, efficient logistics, effective marketing, and continuous innovation. You focus on customer needs, leverage technology, and ensure reliable logistics to create a successful and sustainable milk delivery service for a better customer experience. Book a free demo and see how we can help you design your milk delivery app.

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