How Contactless Delivery Impacts the Milk Delivery Business?

April 21, 2022

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To protect end-users and delivery personnel, milk delivery businesses have introduced a contactless delivery function. It will aid in the reduction of virus propagation by adding social distance into the delivery process itself.

Due to a lack of technology, many milk delivery start-ups appear to be failing to grow up and extend their operations. The dairy industry is projected to squeeze in the upcoming times due to a lack of automated solutions. That is why the Dairy sector requires up-gradation of business in accordance with growing demands.

Like Trakop, an AI-based delivery management software provides a smart solution to milk delivery startups and Enterprise businesses to grow with time. The software is available at affordable prices charging the business for the number of consumers.

Streamline your delivery business with Trakop

It helps these milk businesses go completely contactless and deliver to the consumer’s doorstep safely and securely.

How contactless delivery software helps milk delivery businesses scale

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  • Helps boost sales – Customers buy more from the businesses that deliver as per their expectations increasing Average Revenue per customer (ARPU). It helps build a permanent base of customers who trusts the brand for a long time.
  • Elevates Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) – Once you have the customers satisfied with delivery services, you will be able to see the rise in recurring orders. With more orders the Average Revenue Per Customer increase automatically.
  • Elevates Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) – Going step by step is the smart move. Once the milk delivery business is set up with the contactless delivery system and high monthly recurring revenue is in place, the average annual revenue will start to increase as well resulting in a profit to the business.
  • Reduces churn rate (CR) – Customer satisfaction increases with contactless delivery where they feel safe about the orders, thus chances of moving or buying from the other brand or business decrease. Lower the churn rate higher the Monthly Recurring Revenue.
  • Increase the lifetime value of a customer (LTV) – We know that customer retention increases with trust built between the consumer and business. It will help boost brand valuation among your consumers and others. Eventually, existing consumers will refer your services to family and friends.
  • Lowers down new customer acquisition cost (CAC) – Acquiring a new customer is not easy rather it’s hard than you can imagine. With the right strategy and service in place, a customer-centric brand can acquire consumers easily and reduce the new customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Few more advantages of going contactless in your milk business

  • Eliminates need for paper delivery notes, all done digitally
  • Eliminates needs for customer sign and stamps, electronic proof of delivery
  • Eliminates need of daily reconsecration of collected cash, updated in the driver app when collected
  • Eliminates the daily need for reconciliation of orders delivered or rejected, updated on the run by the drivers

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Meeting consumers’ expectations and embracing innovations may help you define the new normal for your overall business operations as we all navigate this difficult time. Implementing a contactless delivery service will help you keep your business running and your customer service lines open. In such a situation, you can survive.

To summarise, Going digital, educating your employees, and keeping your workplace clean and safe will all help you operate your business more efficiently with contactless delivery software.

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