A Peek into the Future: Contactless Delivery 2.0 for Restaurants

April 21, 2022

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Restaurants were lost in the pandemic and faced major losses when they have to shut down due to lockdowns around the world. There was no option for contactless delivery but to shut down the business. Some restaurants were smart enough to make the right decision and launched their business online.

But even for the restaurants which were already delivering, COVID impacted the business badly. These businesses were not ready for a hard time when they lose control of managing online orders, contactless payments, and digital options for consumers to order and check the real status of their orders with quicker deliveries.

Contactless Delivery management software like Trakop is developed to help restaurant businesses in the pandemic era.

Steps On How To Implement Contactless Delivery At Your Restaurant

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  • Optimize Order Taking & Delivery Tracking

Optimizing your restaurant’s online ordering system and reducing total delivery time necessitates a thorough review of your whole business. Track the progress of the order through your POS system and prioritize it depending on the time it was received so that the delivery executive may be assigned to it.

  •  Optimize Your Online Restaurant Menu

Because most consumers pick restaurants based on their availability and cost for online orders, a well-priced menu will appeal to a wider range of preferences and draw more orders. Updating your online menu is also a great way to fulfil rising client demand for greater self-ordering alternatives while staying on budget.

  • Choose the right contactless delivery management software

To ensure complete contactless delivery, opt for good and smart delivery management software where your complete food delivery business is digitalized. It automates online order management and auto-assignment of orders to drivers.

What are the impacts of contactless delivery on consumer trust?

The notion is that the pandemic’s residual consequences will force customers to reconsider who and what they interact with. To put it another way, we’ll all have to learn a lot of new terminologies to explain payment and delivery technologies.

Another issue that arose during the lockdown was that food aggregators ate up a huge amount of commission. Restaurant owners had no option but to deliver through aggregators to stay alive in the market, for this, they were forced to pay from the profit.

Time to move to own delivery platform

It is time that restaurant owners move to their own delivery management platform, where they have full ownership of their business. A contactless delivery software will help with managing orders online and dispatching, real-time tracking with the back office, also could hire own drivers and easily managing with a driver app, and easy online payments and real-time customer feedback collection with a customer app.

Know how much it costs to have own delivery platform…

Contactless delivery for restaurants in the future

Various food aggregator platforms and restaurant chains, such as Domino’s, have already incorporated contactless meal delivery. It’s a precautionary measure meant to keep restaurant management and consumers apart.

Customers and delivery employees do not come into physical touch at any point during contactless delivery. They can pay online via the customer app and drivers can update electronic proof of delivery.

Customers can order via the white-labelled customer app, and delivery boys can deliver the meal to the specified location. The consumer is told that the order has been delivered shortly after the order is placed at the customer’s doorstep.

What are the advantages of having own delivery boys?


Conduct training programs to teach your delivery executives how to wash their hands before and after each delivery, clean their delivery bags, and supply all required utilities like sanitisers, masks, gloves, and so on.

Implement contactless delivery in your restaurant with these methods to make the most of the online food delivery channel and earn customers’ confidence!

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