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Payoda Dairy Takes a Big Step Towards Sustainability – Trakop

January 25, 2024

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Payoda Dairy is a Gurugram-based dairy farm and food product farm-to-door 100% natural, chemical-free milk and food product company with a mission to set new benchmarks for sustainability, purity, and customer satisfaction. Payoda Dairy is motivated by a desire for quality and purity while prioritising health and environmental sustainability. They aim to foster healthy dietary habits to conserve the environment and reduce the use of plastic by delivering milk in hygienic glass bottles.


With rising challenges in the dairy industry like adulteration and the environmental impacts of plastic use, Payoda Dairy is committed to revolutionising the industry by producing Farm Fresh, Non-pasteurized A2 Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk, and Premium Danedar Desi Ghee directly from the farm to your doorsteps. They commit to creating a healthier and more sustainable future with rigorous testing and adhering to higher standards.

Vision and Mission

Payoda Dairy works to create unrivalled standards in purity, sustainability, and consumer happiness. They aim to improve the customer experience by offering products that represent health, freshness, and environmental responsibility. They also strive to go above and beyond to create a reliable, sustainable future, making a positive environmental impact by eliminating plastic usage and harmful chemicals from our production process.

Operational model

Payoda Dairy serves a large customer base in Gurugram and leverages technology to deliver on time to keep its promise of fresh and non-pasteurized milk and food products. The business works on a subscription farm-to-door model, delivering products schedule-wise. The brand provides a mobile app that allows customers to place orders, select delivery times, and track their orders. The admin panel gave the business owner complete visibility and control over their operations. The driver application informed the drivers about the deliveries for that day.

Challenges Faced by the Brand

Inefficient empty milk bottle management – Empty bottle logistics includes the processes involved in the reverse distribution of products, ensuring the efficient management of returned or recyclable items. The software solution implemented by the brand did not support empty milk bottle tracking, which led to;

  • The misplacement and financial setbacks.
  • The brand and its customers encountered transparency issues in tracking and overseeing these empty bottles, including the number of bottles per customer, the overall count, and any surplus bottles.
  • The lack of empty bottle information for the customers adds to the confusion.

Ineffective route planning: The brand’s current software solution lacks the capability for multiple route planning, causing challenges:

  • Efficiently managing deliveries with speed and precision.
  • As the brand experienced growth, manually creating routes and assigning orders to drivers became difficult.
  • With the expansion of its customer base, this approach has demonstrated susceptibility to errors.

Rigid subscription order management – Due to software limitations, the brand faced challenges:

  • Providing flexible subscription orders was restricted to fixed delivery schedules.
  • Customers cannot place personalised subscription orders, impeding the brand’s goal of establishing a benchmark for customer satisfaction.

The solutions offered by Trakop

As a result of extensive research, Payoda Dairy has incorporated a subscription-based delivery management system called Trakop. As part of the team’s mission to provide a flexible and customer-focused solution, Trakop is best suited to:

Empty milk bottle management – The incorporation of empty milk bottle tracking within Trakop empowers brands to
Efficiently handle the tracking of empty bottles in coordination with customers.

  • Providing oversight on the total count of empty bottles and any extra stock.
  • Brands can effortlessly associate their products with specific bottles and establish pricing for these empties. The automatic refund is processed when the bottle is given to the driver.
  • Pricing is predetermined and openly shown on the customer application, along with a link between the bottle and the related product.
  • This information is automatically included in the invoice when customers place their orders, ensuring a streamlined and transparent process for both the brand and its customers.

Auto-route optimisation – Trakop’s auto-optimisation feature employs sophisticated algorithms that consider traffic conditions and delivery schedules, strategically crafting the most efficient delivery routes.

  • This system automates the assignment and dispatch of orders by intelligently allocating drivers to designated routes.
  • Trakop streamlines the operational processes and significantly boosts overall efficiency in the delivery workflow.

Flexible subscription management – Adaptable subscription management empowers the brand to provide diverse subscription models tailored to their preferences.

  • Customers can conveniently place personalised subscription orders daily, alternately, or on customised days.
  • With complete control over their subscriptions, customers can effortlessly initiate, modify, cancel orders, and reschedule deliveries at their convenience.
  • The brand has the flexibility to offer multiple delivery schedules, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric experience.

About Trakop

Trakop is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS ERP solution tailored for managing dairy milk subscription businesses. It automates and optimises the entire dairy retail-logistic supply chain, from ordering milk and dairy products to managing payments, stock, and deliveries until order fulfilment. The software empowers businesses to streamline their delivery operations. It encompasses key features such as order tracking, route optimisation, dispatch management, customer communication, and more. With a focus on simplifying logistics and delivery management, Trakop enables businesses to navigate the intricacies of last-mile delivery with enhanced efficiency, especially in the dynamic and rapidly expanding online food and grocery delivery sectors.

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