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The Story of Haribol – Revolutionised Dairy Delivery

January 10, 2024


Haribol is a 100% pure organic milk and Saatvik food product brand that promises to offer farm-fresh, unadulterated, original and chemical-free products, ensuring purity and health. The brand aims to create an impact on multiple levels – economic, health and educational.


Haribol was founded by the Goverdhan Eco Village (GEV), a nonprofit organisation based in Mumbai. They aim to build a sustainable way of life that is socially, physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally friendly. Over the last 15 years, GEV has emerged as an award-winning eco-community, developing a one-of-a-kind circular economy model that has been successfully implemented on a micro and macro scale.

The Concept

The core concept of “Haribol” was simple yet powerful: going back to traditional practices and bringing back the “farm to folk” culture. They embark on a journey to bring back the original methods of producing, delivering and consuming milk without losing sight of purity. Haribol aims to support rural communities by providing their farm folks with best-in-market returns on milk supplies. Haribol and Govardhan Eco Village have been at the forefront of rural healthcare camps for farmers and their cattle for the last 10 years.

Business model

The business was launched in “2017” and serves a great customer base in Pan India. Haribol leverages technology, however, bringing a paradigm shift from urban, quantity, production, and technology to rural, quality, process, and policy. They used an E2E delivery management solution to automate day-to-day business tasks.

Challenges Faced by the Brand

Missed marketing opportunities – The brand needed to be able to offer referrals or discounts, which is important from the marketing point of view. They were unable to offer discounts, which blocked the potential prospects from becoming actual customers.

Rigid software solution – The software solutions used by the brand were rigid when it came to customisations like defining multiple schedules.

Global expansion – As they prepared to expand and penetrate international markets, they wanted to use software that also provided services in those countries.

Tracking and traceability – The brand was not able to track the activities of its drivers and customers. This made them sceptical about their delivery drivers and worried about data breaches.

The solutions offered by Trakop

Following extensive research and practical demonstration, Haribol incorporated “Trakop,” a subscription-based delivery management software. With a focused objective of offering a customer-centric solution, the team determined that Trakop was the most suitable choice:

Business-centric panel – Flexibility in the platform allows the brand to have complete control over its business operations. They can customise the platform according to their requirements. They didn’t have such flexibility earlier.

Offer marketing opportunities – Features like refer and earn, discount coupons and percentage discounts allow the brand to implement marketing strategies to improve customer retention and acquire new customers. They can offer a percentage discount on a certain number of deliveries, a discount coupon on recharge or a first discount.

Global presence – Trakop is currently serving clients from various countries, making it a reliable solution for Haribol.

About Trakop

Trakop is an intelligent ERP solution built for subscription-based businesses like milk, water, and grocery. The software provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to efficiently manage their deliveries, including order tracking, route optimization, dispatch management, customer communication, and more. Trakop aims to simplify logistics and delivery management processes for businesses, allowing them to handle the complexities of last-mile delivery more efficiently, particularly in the rapidly growing online food and grocery delivery sectors.

Local to Global: Trakop helped Haribol expand its business in the US and Dubai.

Scaling is the biggest issue when using a rigid piece of software. Many software solutions do not provide services globally, making it difficult for businesses to enter the international market.

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