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Payoda Dairy Takes a Big Step Towards Sustainability – Trakop

Payoda Dairy is a Gurugram-based dairy farm and food product farm-to-door 100% natural, chemical-free milk and food product company with a mission to set new benchmarks for sustainability, purity, and customer satisfaction.

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Organic mandya, case study, delivery management software-Trakop

Transforming Organic Deliveries – Impact on Organic Mandya

Trakop, a subscription-based delivery management software, was chosen by ‘Organic Mandya’ after conducting extensive research and practical demonstrations. With a dedicated focus on providing a customer-centric solution and route optimisation features.

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Trakop haribol client story delivery management software

The Story of Haribol – Revolutionised Dairy Delivery

Haribol is a 100% pure organic milk and Saatvik food product brand that promises to offer farm-fresh, unadulterated, original and chemical-free products, ensuring purity and health. The brand aims to create an impact on multiple levels – economic, health.

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