How to Manage Business With Milk Management Software?

March 16, 2023

Managing entire operations manually is a tedious and time-consuming task, which leaves businesses with no time to plan and strategise for future sales.

Are you also managing your dairy business manually? Then you are in the right place.

Online milk management software is the key to all your business problems. The software helps businesses to manage operations from a single screen and automates business operations reducing human involvement which ensures lesser chances of human errors.

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The management software allows businesses to focus on the growth and scaling of the business instead of focusing on the business operation.

Let’s see how it can help you manage and streamline your entire business from a single screen.

Manage your dairy business with the milk management solution

Order management – Business owners can accept or reject the order from the admin panel when the customer places an order. The order is then tracked and auto-dispatched for delivery. The system allows business owners to get real-time order status updates. The system auto-generates order summaries and invoices.

Payment management – All the payments get tracked by the business owners from the system. Business owners can check paid, pending, or partial payments made customer-wise from the system. The business owner can send pending payment notifications to the customers from the system.

Manage customers’ data – All the customer’s details- name, phone number, email, and addresses are stored in the system. Businesses need robust software safety for customers’ data is concerned. Business owners can also fetch customers data who are not in the serviceable area but want to sign up for the service. This data is an opportunity for business owners to expand their businesses.

Sales and analytics – The milk management software generates overall sales and analytics reports, stock reports, customer sentiments and analytics. The reports help businesses in tracking the growth and health of business and plan for future sales accordingly.

Marketing and promotions – The milk management software allows businesses to promote their brand through the “refer and earn” feature. The business owners can decide the points and their value according to their preferences. They can also offer discounts to the customers to maintain and increase the customer retention rate.

Autoroute optimisation – The business owners can create routes where they are providing their services. Once the areas are defined, drivers are auto-assigned according to the schedules chosen for making deliveries. The delivery route is auto-optimised and sequencing the deliveries. The shortest delivery path assists in faster deliveries and reduces fuel expenses.

Get complete control over the system – Business owners can define roles and user permissions restricting data access. Simply put, the account person can only access the finance data, and the store managers will be able to access only the data of their stores.

Milk management software is a master platform that allows business owners to track the entire business operation. Integration of the milk management software helps manage the business operations and assists them in planning and making strategies for future sales.

Trakop can help you manage and operate your dairy business from a single screen. Schedule a Demo Now with our team of experts to learn how our software works and see how it can help you manage and track your business from a single window.

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