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How Uber for Medicine Delivery Software Works?


The medicine online software benefits the service provider to manage the whole drug store and enables them to deliver the drugs to the customer’s address and track the transfer of medicines through the dashboard. The in-built characteristics allow the customer to choose the required drugs in the online bag from the pharmacy application and pay with the in-app payment options. Ordered shots are delivered by the delivery staff to the mentioned place.

Embrace the Features of Medicine Delivery App Solution


This is the best platform for the owners of the medical store or pharmacy to show all the products, medicines and healthcare products to the online customers. The business-friendly software helps the pharmacists to upload, edit the price tag, and add more drugs to the online list of the medicine delivery software. Every user irrespective of their work, get the routine features that make it easy for them to get the services easy.

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Customer App

The smart and trendy medicine delivery software bequeaths the customers to get all the functionalities with advanced features. The robust system allows them to search the required drug by its name, proceed easily for the payments after selecting the required one. The users can have the required services without stepping out of their places. The medicine delivery app development service has certain other features too.

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    To get the authentication, customers need to fill some of the required personal details such- an email address, or/and phone number.

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    Select the Medicine from the Online List

    It allows the users to choose the drugs and select them or save them for the future.

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    In-App Payment

    This feature enables the customer to pay the bill online for getting the drug’s orders at their mentioned place or select the cash on delivery option.

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    Exciting Offers

    By using this feature, they can get the prescribed medicines at a discounted price.


Driver App

The driver panel enables the delivery staff to transfer the orders to the customer’s place. After entering all the initial information to the driver’s platform, they can get the authority of dispatching the orders to the customer’s address. From getting the complete list of all the orders to getting information about all routes, details of online payments- driver software allows them to schedule the deliveries.

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    This feature offers the authentication after filling the required details like a smartphone number, or a valid email address.

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    Choose the Status

    It allows the drivers to mark their working status as available or unavailable.

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    List of All Orders

    This feature enables them to get the complete list of all the drugs that are going to be delivered.

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    Multiple Online Payments

    It allows them to receive the payments in cash from the users after transporting the drugs.


Admin App

Through the admin panel of the medicine delivery software service providers can inspect the whole business. The robust medicine delivery app development software can get the complete information of orders, in-process orders, past orders, delivered ones, active or in-active customers. By spending a few pennies the owners can showcase their whole business and can track it with a single screen.

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    Manage the Customer

    This feature enables the admins to remove or add a customer’s profile- it can be a driver or a customer.

  • app-dashboard

    Manage the Route

    This feature allows owners to highlight the shortest route for the drivers.

  • app-dashboard


    It is a kind of ledger that shows the past orders weekly or monthly, profits, revenue generated, in a graphical way.

  • app-dashboard

    Make Changes in the Drugs List

    Owners have access to manage, change, edit or remove or add drugs into the list for the customers.


Medicine Delivery Management Software

Our software enables entrepreneurs to represent their business or services online with a smart & simple user interface, helps in reducing the operational cost and helps them to churn out maximum revenue.

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