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How Pharmacy Delivery Software Works?


With the help of this software, service providers can put the whole information about the medicines and drugs of your inventory on the online system. It can be accessed or altered by the owner for adding the drugs or to remove the unavailable drugs, to change the price tag, and much more. The authorized customers can also see this list but for selecting the required medicines and to add them to the cart. To pay for ordering the medicines, they may use in-app payment options. By using driver software, the medicines are dispatched to the customer’s doorsteps by the delivery experts.

Important Features of Pharmacy Management System to Deliver Online Medicines


The pharmacy management system provides the best features to each online platform and to the users for ordering medicines and delivering them to the doorsteps by the delivery staff. Advanced search options enable users to search for different items like- medicines, healthcare products, drugs, the complete information of all the medicines, details of products, order history, real-time tracking system.

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Customer App Panel for Pharmacies

To get the home delivery of pharmacy products through online software features enable the customers to select and put the units and number of medicines into the cart after exploring the enlisted products and reading the complete information about them, get the notifications for the deliveries, track the orders, etc. Some other features are-

  • customer-app-description


    This is the first step after installing the app, the customers need to fill the valid details to get access to availing the online services.

  • customer-app-description

    Choose the Medicines/Drugs Online

    Allows them to choose the medicines from the list and add them to the cart to get them delivered at their doorsteps.

  • customer-app-description

    Status of All Orders

    This feature allows the customers to have a glimpse of all the orders- current and past orders.

  • customer-app-description

    Multiple Payment Options

    Enables them to pay online for online medicine orders through card options, multiple mobile payment gateways or cash options.


Driver Software for Pharmacies

The edge-cutting features of the driver software embedded in the pharmacy management software empower the owners to get the full view of orders with complete information of address and calling details that are going to be delivered. The chat options allow them to communicate with customers. The features help them to get to know the shortest route to reach to the customer’s doorstep for delivering the medicine.

  • driver-app-side-image


    To get the authentication to offer the delivery services, the driver staff need to sign up with accurate details such as mobile number, or social media details.

  • driver-app-side-image


    Allows them to make changes in the profile, to choose the status of availability, get notifications, accept or reject the request, pickup alert, etc.

  • driver-app-side-image

    In-App Payments

    This feature enables the drivers to collect the cash from the customers in case they have selected for cash on delivery option while delivering the medicines.

  • driver-app-side-image

    Complete Details of Orders

    This feature indulges the information about the past orders made by a specific online user and their payment details.


Admin App for Pharmacies

The administrative gimmick of pharmacy delivery app software helps the pharmacists to display their medicine store online. Through the necessary set of features of this online solution, they can manage, organize and see the placed, canceled orders, order history, online status of active & in-active customers and get a complete view of payments, and much more. Other features are-

  • app-dashboard

    User Management

    Our delivery software for pharmacists assist the medical store owner in managing the customer’s profile. Adding and removing is one of the actions that can be achieved.

  • app-dashboard

    Route Management-

    This feature allows the admin to manage the routes map for the drivers and highlight the specifications.

  • app-dashboard


    Access to check the full record of sold medicines, the status of inventory, and a complete view of revenue generated in a day, week or month.

  • app-dashboard

    Order Management

    Pharmacists can organize all the orders of medicines deliveries of every customer with the help of this feature.


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Ammar Hatim


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