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How Uber for Medicine Delivery Work?

The online software for pharmacy management helps the owners to deliver the medicines to the customer’s address and get notifications about the delivery of medicines through the dashboard. The customer can choose and add the required drugs in the cart from the pharmacy application and get the payments done by using online payment options. A driver from the delivery staff delivers the ordered medicines to the doorsteps of the user.

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ravi garg, trakop, uber for pharmacy, medicine, management

Key Features For Medicines Ordering and Delivery App for Pharmacy

The ordering and delivery application for pharmacy shows an impeccable picture of inventory and deliveries through a dashboard. By investing less, the service provider can have a complete suite of tools that enables them to offer the uber-like experience to the patients by dispatching medicines to the required addresses by the delivery squad. Managing and tracking ordering the medicines, online payments, in-app payment options, manage inventory online, and many more.

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Business Dashboard

The admin platform of the pharmacy delivery application allows the orders to inspect the whole drug business. The development app for medicines helps them to get more features that include payment issues, track communications and deliveries, manage the routes, and offer enhancement and integration of brick and mortar stores with online software. The administration tools focus on the successful delivery of the drugs and reduce the discrepancies among the system.

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    Customer Management

    This admin panel of mobile app for delivering medicine helps the service providers to manage the customer’s profile.

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    Route Management

    With this specific feature, the owners can manage the routes map for the delivery staff.

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    Access to check the full record of inventory, sold medicines, and the revenue details of a day, week or month in a graphical way.

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    Order Management

    Owners have access to manage all the online orders of medicines for each customer.

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Consumer Mobile Application

The pharmacy delivery application bestows the patients the freedom to choose the medicines just by clicking on the screen and get the experience of shopping from a supermarket. They can start just by installing the medicine application. The features enable them to people who ordered it and pay for the ordered medicines without visiting the pharmacy store. The owners can easily improve the revenue graph by these online options. The online medicine software comprises of following features-

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    It is a kind of online registration to get the authority to get the services of the online solution that may include valid identifications- phone number, email address.

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    Choose the Type of Medicines and Track Online

    This feature enables the customers to pick and order the different kinds of drugs online.

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    Multiple Online Payment Options

    A customer can pay for the subscribed services through online payment mode or in cash.

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    Offers and Discounts

    Through this feature customers get to know about on-going and upcoming discount offers.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

The driver panel of our drug delivery app development software provides complete information about deliveries on their fingerprints. This platform offers a brief but described routes for the delivery and gives the estimation about the reach-time. The robust system helps them to spend less time on managing or choosing a route as it highlights the specification like mentioning the shortest distance, more halt time. After delivering them, they mark the status of the order as- delivered with a single click.

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    By adding the valid details such as mobile number, or social media details, drivers can have an identity to each driver.

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    In-App Payments

    This feature enables the drivers to collect the payment in cash from the users while delivering the medicines.

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    Work Status

    This feature enables the drivers to select their work status that is visible to the admin people.

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    A Complete List of All Deliveries

    It enables the drivers to get the full list of all the goods that are going to be delivered in a day.

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