Why is there a sudden need for a D2C business approach?

December 14, 2021

Why sudden need of direct to consumer approach? Trakop

A D2C approach is Direct to Consumer approach where the products are supplied directly to the customers’ doorstep without the involvement of retailers and wholesalers or any other middleman which will enhance the value of your brand and it will help to control every aspect of the consumer’s journey.

Why businesses are moving towards the D2C Approach?

The basic reason for businesses shifting to the D2C Approach is that most of the shoppers do online research before they buy anything online or offline. In a study, it is found that 72% of shoppers research their options online before they plan to buy.

Another reason for shifting to the D2C approach is that the brands are able to connect with the consumers via online channels and in turn, they reignite the growth. Every business is moving online and taking a high-end approach for successful last-mile delivery.

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high:- One of the main reasons is “Consumer’s Expectations’’. Consumer expectations have increased to a certain level regarding the brands as they rely on the fact that brands are the ones that deliver in highly competitive environments.

How can you launch your own brand as D2C?

To analyze this, we have certain percentages:

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– 61% are willing to share more information with brands as they allow a better shopping experience

– 55% expect to receive some discount within 24 hours of first contact with a brand

– 50% of consumers receive personalized experiences through the digital channels of brands.

– 25% of consumers believe the user experience on the payment gateway will enhance the purchasing capacity digitally.

– 22% of consumers want same-day delivery so it becomes an important decision while purchasing.

Some advantages of launching D2C business model

D2C means building on experience:- Another reason for shifting to the D2C approach is the relationship with the customer where the customer experience is at the center. The products being offered to the consumer are the heart of the customer relationship where the companies are focussing on the reduction of the processes and friction throughout the purchase cycle.

Being customer-centric pays off well. Not only do businesses need to focus on their customer experience but they also need to build an experience customers find worth their time.

Digitalizing the complete business to enhance customer experience proves to be an ultimate move towards growth.

Leverage the Demand of your Product:- The last but not the least reason is that the demand for your product is increased as a result there is a revenue increase. To understand this point more clearly let’s take an example. For every brand, there are 3 basic groups of customers.

Group 1:- The customer who finds your product while looking at something else

Group 2:- The second group that has good experience with your brand and they only want to bug a specific product of your brand.

Group 3:- The last group that will buy with our brand as they like your brand.


From the above key features of this approach, it is highly recommendable for brands to shift to Direct to consumer (D2C) approach as it will offer a great boost for the sales and also will help to maintain a direct link with the customers and also will help to improve the overall brand control.

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