Ultimate Guide to Going Direct to Consumer (DTC)

December 14, 2021

Guide to take your business D2C

Do you know that 78% of Direct to Consumer (D2C) brands increased their marketing budget compared to 60% of traditional retailers

55% of consumers prefer to buy directly from brands rather than multi-brand retailers

40% of consumers expect that more than 40% of their spending will go toward direct-to-consumer brands in the next five years

Is your business ready to grow with the demands of your consumers?

Advantgaes of Direct to Consumer model

Here are the highlights to step into the D2C approach:-

The world is pivoting and devising shopping experience:-
The new approach becoming popular day by day has changed the shopping experience of the customers which in turn has changed the customers’ preferences and expectations.

Consumers are relying more on this approach as whatever the product is being manufactured is directly received by the customers which give another level of satisfaction to the customer that they have got the right product at their doorstep.

Expanded Prospects for Market

Here are some prospects for the Marketing in D2C Approach:-

Increase the control over brand messages and customer involvement
In the traditional way of selling, the producer and the retailer give the manufacturer very little scope of control over their brand.

Since they try their hands on packing and other things and ultimately it’s the retailer that delivers the product to the customer. So the manufactures didn’t get enough time to know the exact demands for customers and with this approach it the manufacturer only that caters to the customer and in turn, he gets to know the customer and their likes and dislikes as well.

More Innovative Opportunities:-

The D2C enables the manufacturers to launch the new product on tried and tested customer data and get good feedback on the newly launched products.

Direct Access to Consumer and its data:-

In the D2C  approach since the manufacturer is directly selling to the customers so in this process they are getting all the email addresses and postal codes for every customer placing an order which in turn is establishing the database to which the manufacturer only has complete access to the same.

Establishing an Emotional Connection with your audience through Intangibles

Indulge with your customers in Personal

The first basic step is to know the customer in person, his choices, needs, likes, and dislikes that will basically help to develop the product as per customer requirement accurately and that customers will also acknowledge and will appreciate when they are satisfied.

Serve exciting and Useful Content

Customers will definitely like to purchase the products if the business is serving them something useful that is  as per according to their need so they would definitely be purchasing from your brand

Invest in Richer communication with your audience

In this approach, the more you interact with your audience the more you get to know them and manufacture products as per their choice so build a healthy relationship with your customer it is necessary to invest in a nicer way with your customers.

Concentrate  on the DNA of Direct to Customer: Customer Experience

Think Omnichannel and End to End

With the D2C Model, you can control the product movement through your own marketing strategies. The owners may apply any effort to put all your websites or social media pages on the e-commerce platform to reach the customer from where you can directly approach and earn the trust of the customer.

Customer Trust

Customers remain the base and core of any business, its strategies, and its policies. Customer satisfaction is the one that leads to the development of a good trusted base of customers and this trusted group spreads positive word of mouth for your brand. Now with a new approach, customer expectations have evolved and every business is making the best effort to make the first impression to its customers a worthy one.


You must choose the right DTC platform that can help you meet consumers’ demands.

With Trakop – a DTC delivery management software, you can enjoy the success of your business and also connect with your customers to know more and you can upgrade your products as per customer demands and needs and also gain their trust which will enhance your sales and felicitate your success.

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