What are the advantages of Direct to Consumer (D2C) model?

December 14, 2021

Advantages of D2C

The Direct to Consumer (D2C) Approach came into the limelight when the world was hit by the deadly COVID-19 and businesses like theatres & restaurants were the most affected ones. 

A major Brand Coca-Cola was hit by the COVID situation majorly as they had to face a revenue loss of 67% for the 3rd Quarter. So Coca- Cola decided to move to the D2C approach and became the first brand to shift to the D2C approach to improve their business.

The CEO of the Coca-Cola brand stated that with the shift to the new approach their company saw great potential in the grocery business and home delivery offerings which worked wonders to shift the consumer behavior as well.

How pandemic effected D2C businesses ?

Advantages of Selling D2C

You might have heard businesses mentioning the benefits of taking the business online. The advantages of selling D2C are listed below:

To Gain Better Understanding of the customer

The Business Owners with the D2C approach will get many opportunities to interact with their customers to know more about their likes and dislikes.

Faster to Market

The D2C business approach has the flexibility of the running development process with which the owners can launch on a small scale, validate the need of the product and plan the growth in the market accordingly. This approach gives businesses the ability to change the product as per the consumer’s needs within time.

Increased Control Over Brand, product & Reputation

The D2C strategy will give the business owner control over the market strategies and sales efforts, and as a result, the business owner will have direct contact with the end customer. So the Owner has the control on the overall control of the customer experience from ordering to delivery

Omnichannel Commerce

The D2C approach will help the business owners to get full control of the full activities from production to delivery, so they can create an environment for the end customers.

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Gain higher margins

Manufacturers achieve higher margins by eliminating the middlemen from the picture. A middleman selling their products means they only make a profit on the markup from cost to gross sale. D2C allows brands to sell products at the same price as retailers, positively impacting their bottom line.

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TrakOp works with the D2C Approach to make the Delivery Management System flawless where the owner can plan the start of the business to scale up the business. From Area Management to Driver allocation of routes, from order placement to delivery management.

Every action can be planned, monitored, and controlled by the owner itself and the owner gets to make a better relationship with the end customer. Knowing their likes and dislikes and based on that changing the products to scale the business.


Trakop fits all the businesses that want to scale, grow and expand in their respective fields and want to track all the activities involved in their customer process cycle from Ordering to Delivery to the end customer.

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