What are the Benefits of an Order Management System?

April 16, 2023

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In today’s world, where productivity and the customer journey are essential, a powerful Order Management System (OMS) has become a game-changer for companies of all sizes and industries. Come with us as we explore the many advantages of an OMS and learn how it enables businesses to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

It has allowed businesses to digitalize the process so that they can focus more on expanding their business.

Definition of OMS

OMS is a web-based platform that streamlines and automates the order fulfilment and processing process for businesses. It serves as a hub where companies can manage customer orders, monitor stock, automate dispatching and delivery, and manage other order lifecycle-related duties.

Let’s examine the benefits of using this software and how it can help your business grow.

Top 5 benefits of using the order management system

Seamless order management

It simplifies the order management process. Customers can place their orders from the customer interface on their own. Order placement notification is sent to the business on the admin panel. The business accepts the order from the admin panel.

Then the stock is checked or new stock is ordered according to the availability. The order is picked, packed, dispatched, and ultimately delivered.

How seamless order management helps businesses?

  • Makes the whole process fast and simple
  • Promotes transparency about the order with the customers
  • Revomes the need for paperwork as invoice and order summaries are auto-generated and sent on mobile
  • Simplifies complex orders with advanced features
Live stock updates

The software is integrated with the delivery management software that allows businesses to track their stock or inventory in real time. It helps in streamlining and systematically organizing the warehouse that ensures the first-in-first-out model is followed. The system makes sure that the business has the required stock to fulfil the order.

How does live stock update helps businesses?

  • Lowers the labour cost and inventory cost
  • Removes the need for paperwork to enter the stock detail
  • Helps in getting orders out fastly and accurately

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Manage customer data

The system manages the customers and their order data and access to this information can be restricted from defining the roles and users of the system from the delivery management system. The data is stored in the cloud and is safe and secure.

How efficiently does managing customer data help businesses?

  • Keeps the data safe and secure
Centralizes the customer service

As the order moves through the process, the customer is updated about his order in real-time. The automated order summary, invoice, and payment receipts are sent to the customers giving them the ease of cross-checking their orders.

How does centralizing customer service help businesses?

  • Improves customer experience and increases the CSAT
  • Increases customer retention and lowers the churn rate

Customized reporting and documents

Order management system generates customized reports and documents that present data and analytics to understand the key performance indicators of a business. These reports allow businesses to measure the health of the business.

How customized reports and documents can help businesses?

  • Removes the need for manual calculations
  • Allow businesses to understand their pain areas and work on them

Order management handling might seem easy but as the business starts to grow it not only becomes hectic but also stops the growth at a certain point. As the businesses are busy handling the operation, they do not get sufficient time to plan and strategize to expand their business.

The order management system automates the order management process and involves minimum human interference. This allows the business to focus on growth and expanding the business. If you are interested in knowing more about the order management system and how our team of experts can help you: Book a Meeting

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