Streamline and Scale Up Business with Water Delivery Software

March 17, 2023

Scaling up a business without being hampered is one of the biggest concerns and bottle delivery businesses are no exception. Perhaps it comes as a surprise to you, but, According to research by Fundera, 30% of businesses fail in their second year, 50% of small businesses fail in five years, and only 30% of businesses can manage in their tenth year.

Not being able to survive the market competition and scale the business at the same time is the major reason for the failure of most businesses. However, certain ways can help businesses with scalability.

  • Reducing the operational costs
  • Streamlining the business processes
  • Optimising deliveries

Reduced costs and streamlined operations can help save funds and time to strategise future business planning. The bottled water delivery software plays an important role here.

Bottled water delivery software is an integrated suite for the bottled water business. The software increases operational visibility and makes water business operations efficient. Bottle water delivery software streamlines business operations and increases the efficiency of the business. This allows businesses to focus on growing and expanding the business instead of worrying about the business operations.

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The advanced features offered by the bottled water delivery software make business operations seamless are:

  • Subscription management
  • Route-optimisation
  • Automated notifications
  • Empty bottle return management
  • Live order status updates
  • Driver tracking

The advanced and combined features that help in seamless business operations are 

Subscription management – The bottled water business works in a subscription model that needs to manage subscribed orders repeated daily, on alternate days or custom days chosen by the customers. The bottled delivery software provides a customer interface for customers to place, modify, pause or cancel the subscription.

Customers can also place one – time orders. Any new order placed or modified gets automatically notified to the business owner. Once the order is accepted, the customer’s and order details get updated on the driver’s application. The order is auto-despatched and fulfilled. The system auto-generates the order summary and the invoice. The order summaries and invoices are accessible on the customers’ applications. The invoices are also mailed and messaged to the customers.

Route-optimisation – The delivery management system integrated with the water delivery software auto-optimises the route and reduces the total turnaround time. Route optimisation helps businesses cut off extra fuel costs and ensures fast, accurate and efficient deliveries.

Automated notifications – The bottled water delivery software is an integrated platform that sends auto-generated notifications about order status, payments, and delivery updates. Business owners can send manual notifications about newly launched products or different offers.

Empty bottle return management – The system can track and manage empty water bottles. The system keeps precise data of the empty bottles given to the customer and pending with customers. The business owners can even charge per bottle if applicable to the business.

Live order status updates – The bottled water software auto-generates real-time order status updates as the order is accepted by the business, despatched and delivered. Real-time updates keep the customers content about their orders and enhance customers’ experience.

Driver tracking – The customers can live track the orders and contact the delivery person once the order is out for delivery. Real-time delivery tracking builds trust between the customers and leads to an increasing customer retention rate.

With customers expecting free and fast deliveries, cutting out operational costs is very important. Integrating water delivery software with your bottled water business will help in streamlining the business and allow you to plan and strategise your future sales and scaling up.

The bottled water delivery industry is one of the rapidly growing industries and to meet the market ends you need to level up. Trakop is designed specifically to meet the needs of water delivery businesses helping in streamlining and scaling up your water business. Schedule a demo with our expert team and see how we can assist.

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