Manage Bottled Water Business With Water Delivery Software

March 17, 2023

The bottled water delivery business is one of the exponentially growing businesses. The demand for clean and healthy water is the main factor driving the expansion of the water industry.

According to Statista, “Bottled Water segment revenue has been projected to US $5.74bn in 2023. The market projects to grow annually by 5.18% (CAGR 2023-2027).”

And the thought of surviving and scaling in such a competitive market can be overwhelming and nervewracking. This blog will show you how you can manage your bottled water delivery business which can make the business more efficient.

Challenging in manual management of bottled water business

  • Managing the sheer amount of orders manually as the business starts expanding can make the  process overwhelming increasing the chances of errors
  • Creating and sending invoices to the customers manually may lead to missing out or errors
  • Tracking stock manually can be hectic and is exposed to human errors leading to either shortage of stock or excess.
  • Driver tracking is not possible while managing the business manually
  • It is mind-numbing to manually track empty water bottles, so the bottles are likely to be lost

Is your business facing any of these challenges? If yes, integration water delivery software is your solution.

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The water delivery software is an automated platform that consists of three platforms that work in synch making the operations efficient. The three platforms are- the admin panel, customer interface, and drivers’ application. The software allows tracking and operating the business from a single pane of the admin panel.

Here is all you need to know about bottled water delivery software and how it can help track and manage all business operations from a single platform.

Track and manage business operations from a single platform

Order management- The software allows businesses to automate order management operations from order acceptance to order fulfilment. The customers can place their bottled water orders and get automatically updated and notified on the admin panel. Then the business owner can either accept or reject the order. Once the order gets placed, the delivery driver is auto-assigned. The order is picked up and dispatched for delivery. Then the order is delivered by the driver. The system auto-generates the order summary and the invoice. The customers can access order summaries and invoices from the customers’ app.

Stock management – The bottled water delivery software tracks stock available and is required to fulfil the customers’ demand. The stock management report ensures the bottled water business never goes out of stock.

Payment management – The water delivery management system auto-generates the link-based invoices and sends them to the customers via email or sms. Customers can also access their invoices and make payments from the customer application. The system offers multiple integrations for online payments and allows entering cash collection data with proof of payment. Online payment options include credit and debit cards, payment gateways and in-app wallets. The payment method can be prepaid or postpaid as set by business owners.

Delivery management – The delivery management system is integrated with bottle delivery software allowing businesses and customers to track the delivery persons in real-time. The system auto-optimises the delivery route while sequencing the delivery. Route optimisation reduces the turnaround time of the delivery and also the fuel cost. Efficient delivery management ensures on-time, accurate and efficient deliveries.

Empty bottle return management – Bottled water business needs empty water bottles to be tracked and managed. The software allows them to track empty bottles and keep a record of the same. Tracking empty water bottles prevents empty bottles from getting mislaid.

The bottled water business market is one of the exponentially growing markets. The rise in demand for timely and accurate bottled water delivery requires businesses to make operations more efficient. Water delivery software helps increase the efficiency of business operations while allowing them to focus on growth and expansion.

Bottled water delivery software allows tracking and managing the stock from a single screen. If you want to level up your bottled water business and automate it, Talk to Our Experts to learn how Trakop can help!

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