How Does Milk Delivery Software Help Optimise Dairy Business?

March 16, 2023

Making a successful order delivery at doorsteps involves great coordination between the delivery person, customers and business and precise timing. Any issue in coordination can result in delayed deliveries or order unfulfillment.

Dairy businesses are thus required to consider all aspects and optimise their operations to make timely and efficient deliveries. It is one of the crucial factors that determine customer satisfaction and repeat sales. Optimising the delivery routes can effectively do this for your business.

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Milk delivery software plays an important role in streamlining and optimising delivery operations, making them fast and more efficient.

Major features of the software that ensure on-time order fulfilment and managed deliveries are:

  • Auto-assign orders
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Removes manual data entry
  • Payment tracking
  • Route-optimisation
  • Empty milk bottle tracking

To execute this, a milk delivery solution working in sync with dairy management software is necessary for dairy businesses. It optimises their delivery process- from the auto-allocation of the driver to the order fulfilment.

Here are ways you can optimise your delivery operations with milk delivery software

Auto-assign the orders – The customers place orders that get automatically assigned to the drivers to whom that particular route has been alloted.

Delivery tracking and real-time order updates –  The dairy delivery solutions allow customers to track their delivery and receive real-time order updates. Customers can directly contact the driver in case of delayed delivery or any other emergency. Direct communication with the delivery person increases customer satisfaction scores and retention rates. The system also provides an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for their orders.

Removes manual data entry – The drivers can mark their completed deliveries on the platform that are auto-updated on the admin panel. Run-time delivery updation removes the manual entry of the deliveries and reduces the chances of errors.

Payment tracking – The cash payment amount received is entered into the system by the delivery person. The amount gets reflected on the admin panel. While updating the cash amount received, drivers need the signatures or a picture of a successful transaction and enter the transaction ID as proof of payment. Both customer signatures and successful transaction pictures get auto-updated on the admin panel in real-time.

Route optimisation – The system optimises the delivery route and creates the shortest delivery path with a sequence for making deliveries. The shortest route allows delivery drivers to make on-time deliveries and reduces total turnaround time. Auto-route optimisation feature offered by the milk delivery software increases the efficiency of the deliveries and cuts off the extra fuel expense.

Empty milk bottle tracking – The milk delivery solution allows businesses that deliver milk in bottles to track empty bottles. The driver can add the details of the empty bottle collected and given to a particular customer on the delivery application. The same data gets updated on the admin panel.

The milk delivery software allows businesses to make their delivery process efficient and reduce extra delivery costs. The software promotes transparency between the customers and the brand concerning the order status update and allows direct communication with the driver. Transparency leads to building trust and adds value to the brand.

Businesses know and understand that transparency is crucial for building trust and adding value to the brand, however, many are not aware of “how”. Get in touch with our team of experts today to learn about the ways Trakop can help you.

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