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How to Deliver Fresh Dairy Products with an Online Solution

Our online solution for delivering dairy products allows the users to choose any products from the lost of dairy products just by clicking once. The orders are delivered by the delivery man at the customer’s address conveniently on a daily or weekly basis. Service providers can track everything online.

ravi garg, trakop, dairy management, dairy delivery

Powerful Features of Dairy Delivery Software

Do you know how to connect with new customers to deliver your products? We Do Know. The excellent features of our online milk delivery solutions will help your business to generate an awesome sum of profit in a short span of time.

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Business Dashboard

It offers authority to the service providers to track the whole online deliveries and orders in one go.

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    Admin Dashboard

    A complete platform for admins through which they can check the whole business workings- profits, sales, etc on a monthly or weekly basis.

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    Manage Orders

    This feature enables the owners to organize the orders about their reception, ordering, and assigning to the drivers, etc.

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    Manage Customers

    Through this feature of online delivery software, the admin can manage the profile details of customers.

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    Route Management

    Through this feature, admins to manage the routes for the drivers and highlight the specifications.

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Consumer Mobile Application

This is an independent platform of milk delivery solution specially developed for customers to choose the required
quantity of various types of dairy products just by clicking once.

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    With valid smartphone numbers and email accounts, users can create an account easily to order dairy goods.

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    Choose Dairy Products from the List

    This feature enables the users to choose the list of goods that they wanted to order and get delivered at their doorsteps.

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    Stop or Resume the Supply of Goods

    In case of non-availability of the user, an individual can easily stop the delivery of that order and resume the supply again just by choosing it.

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    Multiple Online Payment Options

    The payment options of the online dairy product delivery solution include several payment gateways to get money through credit cards, e-wallets, debit cards, etc.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

With the pivotal features, drivers can get a complete view of all the deliveries and information of addresses.

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    With valid details such as email id, mobile number- an individual can create his profile to get all the sign-up details.

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    List of All Deliverable Items

    It is the total number of items that need to be delivered by the delivery man individually to the customer’s doorsteps.

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    Order Details

    This feature allows then to view all the past orders of the customer just by pressing ‘View History’ option.

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    The current or pending payments can be reviewed by this feature of the online delivery solution of dairy products.

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