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Enhance Customer Satisfaction Using Milk Round Software

The orders placed are auto-assigned to the drivers to whom the particular area is assigned for the delivery. The milk round software auto-optimises the route by creating the shortest delivery path. Ensures fast and accurate deliveries with our milk delivery solutions.

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Reduce Delivery Turnaround Time with Dairy Delivery Software

Advanced features of milk delivery software auto-optimises the delivery route and help reduce the turnaround time of the driver. The software allows businesses to cut-off fuel expenses.

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Business Dashboard

Give authority to the businesses to track their entire business processes from a single platform.

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    Admin Dashboard

    A complete platform for admins through which they can check the whole business workings- profits, sales, etc on a monthly or weekly basis.

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    Manage Orders

    This feature enables the owners to organize the orders about their reception, ordering, and assigning to the drivers, etc.

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    Manage Customers

    Through this feature of online delivery software, the admin can manage the profile details of customers.

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    Route Management

    Through this feature, admins to manage the routes for the drivers and highlight the specifications.

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Consumer Mobile Application

An integrated milk delivery solutions specially developed for customers that gives them flexibility
to add, modify or cancel the order from the customer interface.

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    With valid smartphone numbers and email accounts, users can create an account easily to order dairy goods.

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    Choose Dairy Products from the List

    This feature enables the users to choose the list of goods that they wanted to order and get delivered at their doorsteps.

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    Stop or Resume the Supply of Goods

    In case of non-availability of the user, an individual can easily stop the delivery of that order and resume the supply again just by choosing it.

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    Multiple Online Payment Options

    The payment options of the online dairy product delivery solution include several payment gateways to get money through credit cards, e-wallets, debit cards, etc.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

With the pivotal features, drivers can get a complete view of all the deliveries and information of addresses.

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    With valid details such as email id, mobile number- an individual can create his profile to get all the sign-up details.

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    List of All Deliverable Items

    It is the total number of items that need to be delivered by the delivery man individually to the customer’s doorsteps.

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    Order Details

    This feature allows then to view all the past orders of the customer just by pressing ‘View History’ option.

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    The current or pending payments can be reviewed by this feature of the online milk delivery solutions.


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