Automate your Business with the Dairy Management System

March 15, 2023

Operating businesses manually might seem to be an easy task when you are a small business. However, as the business starts growing and expanding it becomes difficult for businesses to manage their operations manually.

Automating the business has thus become an essential tool for businesses as it does a lot more than save your cost.

As per research by KRC, “85% of business managers believe that automating some tasks will give them and their employees extra time to focus on goals that matter to the company.”

The time that gets saved by automating operations can thus be utilized in planning and strategizing. Therefore, aim towards higher sales and growth in your dairy business.

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Here is all you need to know about the features of a dairy management system that’ll help you simplify your dairy business operations and make them efficient.

Automation features of dairy management software that drive efficiency and productivity:

Automated order management

The automated order management system is software that allows businesses to digitally accept orders, check stock availability, and pick and deliver orders in real-time.

  • Customers can place or modify their one-time and subscription orders from the customer interface.
  • The order is auto-dispatched and auto-assigned to the drivers based on the assigned delivery routes.
  • The customers get real-time order status update from in-app notifications with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the order.
  • The order summaries and invoices are auto-generated and sent to the customers via email or sms. Customers can also access their order summaries and invoices from the customer’s application itself.

Automated payment system

The automated payment system automatically generates invoices, sends the linked-based invoices via mail or sms to the customers, allows payment of the invoice, and helps in reconciling the payments.

  • The automated payment system sends notifications via sms or mail to ensure timely payments and avoid confusion.
  • Sending low balance notifications in the case of wallets assures the customer adds money to his wallet.
  • The system automatically reconciles the order history and generates an invoice removing the chances of human error.
  • Customers can upload the receipt of the paid payment to avoid disputes.
  • Link-based invoices attached in the mail or sms sent to the customers allow them to pay directly from the invoice.

Auto-route optimisation

Auto-route optimisation is a feature of the online dairy management system that automatically optimises the delivery route that creates the shortest delivery route with the sequencing of the deliveries. The route-optimisation ensures faster and more accurate order fulfilment.

  • The shortest delivery path cuts off the extra fuel costs.
  • It reduces the total turnaround time.
  • Route optimisation helps in timely order fulfilment.

Automated inventory management

Inventory management software is an automated platform that involves tracking, managing, and organising the product that is ordered, available, and delivered to the customer.

  • The inventory management system gives accurate stock details and assures the business never runs out of stock.
  • Having precise stock data prevents businesses from buying excess or insufficient inventory.
  • Efficient inventory management helps timely order fulfilment as businesses have precise insight into future stock requirements.

An online dairy management system automates the mentioned business processes and reduces human involvement and chances of errors. The system increases the efficiency of the business while increasing productivity and allowing dairy businesses to focus more on expansion rather than worrying about business operations.

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