Features of Cloth Diaper Management Software

February 16, 2023

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Cloth diaper management software is an automated system that allows cloth diaper businesses to manage and operate their entire business from a single system.

This allows businesses to be less worried about business operations and focus on planning on expanding and growing the business.

Here is all you need to know about the process involved in the cloth diaper subscription software and its features.

The process involved in cloth diaper subscription software:

  • Customers subscribe to cloth diapers from the website or customer application.
  • The business receives the order and the products are processed- picked, packed, and labeled. The label has all the order and customer details.
  • The delivery bags are automatically allocated to the delivery person on the particular route.
  • Route optimization allows delivery drivers to deliver with the shortest path.
  • The orders are sent out for delivery. When the order is delivered, proof of delivery is captured. The delivery person collects the payment and provides a receipt, if applicable. The soiled diapers are collected and sent to the laundry for cleaning.
  • Then the collected diapers are counted and the data is updated on the system.
  • Based on the returned diapers and customer subscription pack, the next delivery is packed.

Features of Cloth diaper management software

Flexibility in making payments – Using cloth diaper management software with multiple payment gateway integrations gives customers the flexibility of making payments via their preferred payment option. The software allows customers to make payments either online or by cash. Online payments can be done through payment gateways like stripe, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and wallets.

Order summary and invoicing – The Software generates an automated order summary where all the details of the products ordered are mentioned. These details can also be accessed in the future for reference. Automated link-based invoices are also generated and sent to the customers via email or sms.

Easy subscription modification process – Customers can make modifications to their subscriptions on their own from the customer interface. These changes in orders are also reflected on the customer application, driver application, and admin panel. The software sends automated notifications as the new order or modification in the orders is accepted by the business to the customers.

Seamless order management – After the order is received and confirmed the data of inventory required can be seen on the admin panel of the cloth diaper management software. This allows the businesses to precisely know the extra inventory that is required to be procured in order to fulfill the order. The inventory is picked, packed, and labeled in the warehouse. Then the orders are placed in sequence and are sent out for delivery.

ravi garg, trakop, feature, software, cloth diaper, subscription software

Route optimization and sequencing – Route optimization is a feature offered by cloth diaper management software that picks the shortest route for the driver to make his deliveries without any hassle. Sequencing of the delivery is done where whom to deliver first is defined so that the driver doesn’t have to wander cluelessly. This help in minimizing the footprinting and reducing the fuel cost to an extent.

Single platform for managing multiple operations – Cloth diaper management software allows businesses to operate their entire delivery process from a single platform. This removes the chances of discrepancies that are caused while using multiple software for performing different tasks.

Cloth diaper management software allows businesses to automate managing orders, delivery, and payments making the process straightforward and systematic. Doing so, not only makes your business operations easy but also increases the customers’ experience.

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