Cloth Diaper Management Software- Benefits, Features and Use

February 16, 2023

Cloth diaper subscription businesses are one of the major predominant shifts in the cloth diaper industry.

According to Fact.MR, the average valuation of the global diaper market will touch the mark of 69bn USD by 2031 making it one of the potential markets in baby care.

Being one of the biggest in-demand and continuously evolving markets, managing the entire operations of the business manually has become quite a challenge.

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So, here is what you need to learn about if you are interested in cloth diaper subscription software:-

  1. What is cloth diaper subscription software?
  2. Benefits of using cloth diaper subscription software
  3. Features of cloth diaper subscription software
  4. Uses of cloth diaper subscription software for businesses

What is cloth diaper subscription software?

A cloth diaper subscription software is an automated system that enables automatic updation of data of new or modified orders, picked, packed, and labeled diaper bags, collected soiled diapers, and diapers sent to the laundry for cleaning, counting soiled diapers and picking up the cleaned diapers to pack for the next delivery.

In simple words, cloth diaper subscription software automates the whole process from the order being placed to the delivery and payments. This also includes the process of returning the soiled diapers and dropping them in the laundry for cleaning.

Benefits of using cloth diaper software:

  1. The diaper subscription software minimizes the chances of human errors in data and simplifies the whole delivery process.
  2. Maintains the data of how many cloth diapers are returned and how many are pending with the customers.
  3. Cloth diaper subscription software is a single software platform that manages entire business operations and cuts off the head cost of using multiple software. Also, removes the chances of discrepancies caused due to lack of synchronization among different software programs.
  4. The cloth diaper subscription software optimizes the route and sequences the delivery which helps in reducing carbon footprinting and fuel costs.
  5. The multiple payment options give customers flexibility in making payments. The software assists in the payment process and also helps in payment reconciliation. The customers are automatically notified about their pending and paid bills. A higher customer satisfaction score helps in boosting sales.
  6. It provides a customer interface that allows customers to place, modify, pause, and cancel their order subscriptions, makes payments, and get notifications about delivery orders. This increases customer satisfaction and adds value to your business.
  7. Transparency helps businesses in building trust among their customers which increases their brand value.  The software builds a transparent environment between the customers and the business with respect to the processing and delivery of orders, ETAs, invoicing, and payments.

Features of cloth diaper software 

  1. Multiple payment options are available for the customer allowing customers to make payments according to their preferences.
  2. Add-on baby products can be sold with a cloth diaper subscription as one-time orders. Having a customer interface gives businesses the freedom of showcasing other baby products like rash creams, oils, etc under the subscription plans.
  3. Customers can easily place, modify, pause, and cancel their subscriptions from the customer interface which is then reflected on the driver application and admin panel. This is one of the important factors considered when choosing cloth diaper software.
  4. With cloth diaper subscription software, businesses are able to manage all their operation from a single platform by defining the roles from the business dashboard.

cloth diaper management software benefits feature and use

Uses of cloth diaper subscription software for businesses 

  1. Using cloth diaper subscription software automates the order management process and helps in managing subscription order details, and calculating future stock requirements.
  2. The software optimizes the route for the drivers allowing them to make on-time deliveries.
  3. The cloth diaper subscription software automates the invoicing and payment process. This allows the business to send automated pending payment reminders and help in payment reconciliation.
  4. Single platform to manage the new orders and collected soiled diapers on the single platform by defining the roles of the laundry manager, sales manager, and delivery persons from the business dashboard.
  5. The software generates an automated order summary that is accessible on the customer interface, delivery app, and business dashboard.

Challenges in the cloth diaper subscription business:

  1. Using multiple software which can lead to data discrepancies.
  2. Maintaining the data manually is prone to human error.
  3. Difficulty in keeping the data of the soiled diapers returned by the customers and how many are pending manually.
  4. Customers can not access the real-time estimated time of arrival which can decrease the customer experience.
  5. Keeping the track of the pending and returned diapers and diaper covers by the customers is difficult.

Did you know? “The cloth diaper market business is booming as environmental concerns have increased over disposable diapers. According to Stanford Magazine, an average baby requires the diaper for up to three years while using more than 10 diapers a day accounting for approximately 3,000 diapers annually.”

The cloth diaper subscription industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries and to keep up with the competition it is crucial to optimise the business and reduce the operational head cost: Book a Demo with our Experts to see how the cloth diaper subscription business can make your business workflow seamless.

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