Challenges Faced in the Cloth Diaper Subscription Business

February 16, 2023

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Managing subscription businesses without any subscription software are exposed human errors and is a bothersome situation. And, the cloth diaper subscription business is no exception.

Is your business one of them?

Here are challenges that you might want to know or are already facing while managing cloth diaper businesses manually;

Using multiple software for different tasks – Using multiple software can lead to data discrepancies due to a lack of synchronization in the software programs being used. Different software like- order management software, delivery management software, and payment management software have different maintenance costs which can sum up to higher head costs.

Managing day-to-day modified orders – All the modifications in orders are made via phone call or whatsapp messages by the customers on daily basis. Maintaining such data manually is prone to human error that can lead to a mismatch in the details of the order placed by the customers and orders noted. Any mismatch in the order leads to delivering the wrong order decreasing the customer satisfaction score.

Managing inventory based on subscription changes – Any changes in the subscription (increase in the number of products in a subscription) require the businesses to procure extra inventory. However, any mistake while updating the subscription order can lead to delivering the wrong order. The process of making amendments in this case can be a tedious and time-consuming job to do.

Tracking pending and returned diapers – It is very difficult to keep the data of the soiled diapers returned by the customers and how many are pending. Manual management of such data is at high risk of human error. This can result in losses as the precise value of the number of diapers is not available.

Tracking of the diapers, and diaper covers – Keeping the track of the pending and returned diapers and diaper covers by the customers is difficult while managing the business manually. This can result in a continual shortage of diapers or diaper covers increasing the cost of maintaining inventory.

Handling customer disputes manually – Managing and resolving customer disputes manually is hectic leading to a negative customer experience and decreasing the brand value of the business. Customer disputes can be caused by many issues like invoices, delayed deliveries, orders, or lack of real-time delivery updates. Customer service is one of the major factors that grow or tarnish the brand value.

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Invoicing, payment collection, and payment reconciliation – The collection of cash manually can result in delayed payments if the customer is unavailable. Also collecting cash through a delivery person is not reliable. Delayed payments can hinder the cash flow. Payment reconciling is a time-consuming task when done manually and is prone to human errors and can result in losses.

Calculating next order deliverables – In the cloth diaper business the next delivery deliverables are counted based on soiled diapers returned. Calculating such data manually and starting the next order process is laborious and is also exposed to errors.

Real-time delivery notifications – Customers can not access the real-time estimated time of arrival which can decrease the customer experience and increase the churn rate. Delayed deliveries can make customers anxious which results in numerous phone calls from them with their delivery order inquiries. Doing so will require you to hire customer service staff which can increase the operating costs.

Keeping the data of loaner diapers – Loaner diapers are the extra diapers that are provided by the business to the customers in case of an increase in demand. These diapers can either be disposable or cloth diapers.

Manual management of the cloth diaper business is time-consuming and cost-inefficient.
Are you facing these challenges?
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