Factors to Consider While Evaluating Order Management Software

April 27, 2023

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Automating the order management process has reduced most of the operation burdens of operation for businesses and allowed them to open up to adopting new strategies to grow their business rather than worrying about order management operations.

The delivery management software is a complete suite that also automates order management.  There are many software available in the market, however, choosing the right might be a challenge for many.

Therefore, all businesses should take into account some common considerations when evaluating the software.

Here are some crucial factors you need to consider while choosing software for your dairy business.

Make sure you take a demo before you come to any conclusions!

Some of the factors that businesses must consider while evaluating order management software:

Real-time stock update

The order management system should provide the business with a real-time update about the stock. Having accurate data on stock ensures that businesses never run out of stock or have excess stock. Stockout may result in unfulfilled customer orders and lead to a bad customer experience. Whereas, excess stock can result in wastage of the stock.

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Order summary and invoice

The software should automate the generation of order summaries and invoices once the order is confirmed. Order summaries and invoices must be shared with the customers in the order history on the customer interface. This helps in maintaining transparency between the customers and businesses and also prevents any kind of future customer disputes.


Customer data security is one of the main challenges when it comes to evaluating or buying order management system. No business can afford to lose customers’ personal data so businesses must look into the web service that is being used by the software provided. AWS is one of the most preferred web services and is considered to be the safest and most secure web service.

Order modification process

It must give the customers ease where they can place, edit, cancel the order, and even pause in the case of the subscription model on their own. This removes the chances of manual errors as the process are automated and all the information filled in by the customers from the customer app is automatically updated on the admin panel.

Real-time order status update

The order management software should provide an automated notification about the status of the order. The order status update can be about the order being picked, processed, packed, or dispatched and the delivery update when the order is fulfilled. These updates are sent via push notifications, sms, and emails. The real-time update ensures transparency and fair trade between the customer and the business.

These are some of the features of the software that are common to all businesses. This helps in streamlining the order management process and minimizes the chances of any human error to nil. Efficient order management ensures accurate order fulfilment while enhancing the customer rate and increasing the customer retention rate.

The delivery management system is an integrated platform that automates the order management process which increases the efficiency of the business. Schedule a meeting if you are interested in automating the order management of your delivery business and how we can help you streamline and increase the efficiency of your business.

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